Meta-Reflection: Reflecting on Reflecting


Where do I begin?

As I sit here listening to the song Fancy, by Iggy Azalea, that will forever remind me of Jillian, Jessica, and Ceb, I reflect on the great group of individuals I just left. I reflect on how I got to know these individuals, and how we all share the unique experience of growing, learning, and preparing together to be future teachers of science. I’m reflecting because that is what blogging makes you do.

I would like to reflect back to before the class, Integrating Science & Literacy, actually started. The time when I received an email from Jo Ann, letting me know I had an assignment that was due before the 1st day of our class. This made me slightly nervous. I could tell, based on the instructions of the assignment, telling us to check out the blogs of cohorts in the past, that I was going to be expected to maintain a blog.

I had never blogged before. I had read many blogs, but I never personally created my own blog. On the blogs I have read prior to this class, all I did was read them. I didn’t interact by posting any comments.
So, what was there to be nervous about? Blogs are very personal. They are like little windows in to your mind, and they let people know your inner workings. I have always enjoyed seeing the way others think, and their intriguing perspectives, even if they didn’t mirror my own. However, allowing others to peek in to my window was an obstacle I had to get over.

Before moving to Rochester 3 years ago, I was an open book. I would have had no problem blogging, and probably would have blogged a lot more than what I did for this class. However, when I moved to the Rochester area, due to experiences, situations, and lack of family and friends close by, I kept to myself. I didn’t have people whom I could express my love of science to, or debate on new topics and ideas.

When I did my first blog, and I knew my classmates would be able to read it, I was uneasy. What were they going to think? I knew I was one of the oldest, and I assumed I was the only one with kids, so I felt out of place. I didn’t think I had anything too interesting to say, that anyone would really care about.

Fortunately, I was very wrong. In class, I realized I was part of an awesome cohort, who shared very similar interests, as well as concerns. Blogging introduced me the unique and amazing individuals of the cohort. It allowed me to see how they interpreted matters of science, as well as discussions in class, which at times really helped me out, and gave me new perspectives on ideas, and topics.

Integrating Science & Literacy, was a great building block to start my path of becoming a teacher of science. The class really opened my eyes to the true meaning of scientific literacy. Through blogging, I was able to reflect on these meanings and lessons, see how they integrated in to my life, and think about how I could possibly use them in my future classroom. I was also able to get ideas through others’ blogs.

Blogging has also allowed me to get to know the individuals of our cohort on a different level. Their ideas and overall character really stands out in their blogs, and in each one, I see individual characteristics that will make them powerful teachers.

I look forward to working with you all. Enjoy your 3 day vacation.