End and Beginning

There are so many things that have happened in such a brief time, that it is hard to think about what I would like to blog about. Like all expos, our final GRS expo went amazingly. It was fun reflecting on everything we have done, and how we have grown as a group into reform minded science teachers. I know personally I am not the same person graduating from GRS, as I was going into it.   So for this blog I’m going to discuss some highlights.


–> Expo: everyone did such a great job representing their teaching styles and exemplifying their three “promises” to teaching. My daughters could not stop talking about the tables they went to visit. Jill, Mia wants to know how you did your chemistry in a bag, so she can do it at home. The great thing about this, was everyone was able to engage a HUGE variety of ages with the same presentation. We were able to reach new scientist, as young as three, and well as individuals who have been in the field for years.




–>  Teaching: This past week, I noticed many of my students weren’t getting all of their work in. I also noticed chatter had grown, and as a class I had to talk to them more than usual. Realizing that, I started the next class letting them know that the following week we would be moving seats to change some things up. I told them what I had noticed, and that it was affecting grades. I also explained that it is my responsibility to make sure they are all provided with an environment where they can learn and do well. The fact that so many were not getting work done meant I was not doing what I needed to do. The students just stared at me. Finally one said, “I have never heard a teacher say that before.” Another one suggested, they could as a class take some responsibility as well. This then prompted a class discussion on what would help everyone out.   An end result was switching up how we do homework and the students are designing the way they think the room should be laid out (they are doing that as extra homework). They need to provide evidence on why their design will work, and how it will fix the problems discussed. We will then vote.

Overall, it has been great. I feel lucky to be a part of the cohort I am a part of and I look forward to the future : – )