Cohort Biographies: A Collaboration of Talent

Collaboration was a word we may not have fully understood, or misconceived, as we walked into our first methods class together as a cohort.  Beginning this program, we met three professors who were able to fully embody and provide a wonderful model of collaboration.  Slightly nervous, yet excited about what we got ourselves into, we all began to create our own form of collaboration that has helped all of us take the most from our experiences as Warner grad students.  Embracing the spirit of collaboration we experienced in our first methods course (which was then witnessed throughout the others) was probably one of the best tools provided to us as first year teachers.  Through collaboration we will be able to improve our practice and grow as educators.


In the spirit of collaboration, reminiscing about our time in GRS, and because we are all working on our biographies for graduation, Ceb and I worked together to make funny biographies for each of the cohort members.  We hope you enjoy them.  Be sure to check out both blogs because I did a biography for Ceb and he did one for me.


Alanna-born on a hiking trail, Alanna always had a love of nature and science and the nature of science…but it wasn’t until the ripe age of 34 did the teaching of science call to her.  Realizing she was so old, she quickly applied to the U of R’s center for the elderly. Her poor sight caused confusion and she accidentally applied to the Warner School of Education. In the program Alanna flourished as a science educator, bringing her back to that feeling of youth once again.  After the program Alanna intends hug trees during the summer and get to bed before 10 pm.


Ryan-prior to attending U of R, Ryan sought to write his own laws around quantum physics but unfortunately nature would not obey them. Due to the frustration caused by the experience of working as a physicist, Ryan decided to get into teaching instead. Following his time at Warner, Ryan intends to spend 5 years training his students to build their own spaceflight craft that will allow them to constructively build upon knowledge from outside the classroom environment and visit those aesthetically pleasing green people from the Star Trek.


Jill– following the footsteps of her idol and soul sister, Taylor Swift, Jill has always wanted to positively impact the lives of the youths. It was at Warner she met another soul sister, sharing a  love of T-Swizzle and chemistry.  Jill knew she couldn’t just shake her off, it was the collaborative partnership of a lifetime. Following the program, Jill intends to work with urban youth by teaching them the joys of chemistry and subjecting them to the musical stylings of Ms. Swift.


Jessica-Once lost in the dark depths of a chemistry lab, Jessica found her expertise was needed elsewhere. She traded her lab coat for a bag of Cheetos and a copy of Understanding by Design, and got to work.  During her time at Warner, Jessica not only expanded the horizons of the students she worked with, but she also encouraged her soul sister Jill to break through her own barriers and become one with nature.  With the goal to never return to the dusty dungeons of the lab, through her teaching, Jessica looks forward to continually challenging those around her in trying out new experiences.


Eric– Enduring years of physical punishment through playing rugby and wrestling, Eric thought he might try his hand at mental punishment, and decided to get into teaching. Since starting the program, Eric has had over 4,000 conversations with his fellow cohort members. On his off time, Eric enjoys watching dry British comedy which tirelessly tries to integrate into his teaching practice. After Warner, Eric will be returning to NYC while bringing a little bit of Rochester with him.


Ceb-Once quoted saying “if she doesn’t know how alleles affect her eye color, than she is not the girl for me,” Ceb has always had a deep love for biology. However, it was through the virtual world the Ceb developed his true identity as a scientist, and for a brief moment his talents were lost to cyberspace. Fortunately, a highly regarded professor at the U of R saw Ceb’s potential as a teacher and pulled him from the depths of his gaming world. After the program, Ceb is looking forward to teaching urban youth in the Rochester area.

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  1. I’m LITERALLY laughing out loud in the airport; those are some great biographies. Can those be the ones they read for us at graduation? I love this, you guys are the FUNNIEST.

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