Today was my last observation ever as a student teacher. I can’t believe I’m typing that! Well since it is the Warner Way…and an important part of understanding…there are some highlights I would like to reflect on from this past week.

The hook:
Wiggins and McTighe discuss the importance of “Hooking the students” when designing engaging and effective curriculum. This week I feel I had a really good hook. To begin the lesson, I had students write in their journal 2 origins of rocks. The lesson was an introduction to rocks; therefore the question was more to assess the students’ prior knowledge. After all the students had a chance to write their responses in their journals I played the following video:

I read the prompts out loud and at the end of the video, in all three classes, there was an applause from the class. I really believe this video hooked the students into learning about rocks.



Presentations and Test:
I had the students do a NYS minerals presentation and the results were amazing!! The most memorable moment came from a class who usually needs constant reminders to respect each other. In this class we have a student that struggles with speaking in front of people and requested to do the presentation just in front of me. I told him to give it a try in front of the class. When he was heading to the front of the room, I heard one student whisper to him “It is 4th quarter against Wilson, you’ve got this.” (This student is a basketball player and his best game was against Wilson) There were a couple of times he would stop and a different student each time would encourage him on. He did great and yes, I slightly teared up listening to the class encourage him on. Even thinking about it now makes me love these kids so much!
To add to the presentations, in each class of about 20 students, the most we had fail the unit test was 3. I was so happy!

Listening to the students:
At the end of class today, the students were asked what advice they had for a new teacher. Most of their responses: patience. They then told me I had that and not to worry :- )
It has been a great week and looking back I would like to hear some takeaways the rest of my cohort has.




McTighe,J.and Wiggins,G. (2004). Understanding by design.

Alexandria, VA:  Association for Supervision and Curriculum


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  1. You’ve got some good ideas to steal here!

    I love that story about the classmates encouraging the student! It says a lot about the classroom environment you’ve created!

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