Going “All In”…

Last night I sat around a table in Panera with a group of my favorite individuals whom I have had the honor of being a cohort with. We met to discuss different ways to prepare for an interview that we are all headed to tomorrow. So for this blog I decided to write about some takeaways I had from the meeting:

If you are going to have an artefact don’t have it be too much writing. A picture, figure, or model that quickly represents what you are trying to show is the best.

It is OK to take a minute to think things through before responding. Take a drink of water if needed (just not for every question).

Nervous is normal.

Get rest.


Don’t wear fake eyelashes and pants rolled above your boots.

Most important…

BE YOURSELF!!!  I say this because every time I’m with my cohort I realize how lucky I am to be a part of this program with this particular group. Every individual has unique strengths as an educator and shares those strengths with the group allowing the others to benefit from them. Not only do they have strengths as an educator, but they have strengths (compassion, drive, encouragement, support) that make them awesome human beings. Let the interviewers see YOU and YOU will be just fine. Because through you they will see your students and how much you have done in the short time you have been in this field. I truly feel any establishment would only benefit from having any one of you be a part of their school. I say if you be yourself, every single one of you are going to rock the interview.

Good luck team, and see you there : -)

2 thoughts on “Going “All In”…”

  1. I think that interview was a great experience, no matter what happens. We have the opportunity to ask our interviewers for feedback on our interviewing skills, which is huge! The last time I interviewed for a job, it was for a field I had been in for years. I was overqualified and needed a less professional job so that I could go back to school. This is the first time that I’ve done this in a long time, and I am so glad that we’ll be getting feedback at some point!

    I was totally surprised that they sent us the interview questions in advance! Good thing I checked my e-mail!

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