“Cells, Cells, the Cytoplasm Gels…”

Between studying for my content exam and finishing up my STARS project, I have been preparing for my mini lessons. The topic is….CELLS! I will be teaching 7th graders about cell structures and functions.  While planning, my CT showed me a video that her students loved last year.

So here is the thing about the video…it works. I played it a couple of times while doing some school work at home. I did this to familiarize myself with the video in case I wanted to make a playlist for the students while they did their activities. I didn’t show the video to my family, but both my daughters were coloring near me as it was playing. The next day, as the girls played Candyland, they both sang to themselves “Cells, Cells, the cytoplasm gels”. Even though they had no idea what that meant, they recalled that information. So maybe there will be some “Cells” background music playing, or maybe it will play as the students enter class and/or as they leave. Obviously, my goal would be for them to recall the information and understand what it means.


Other ideas on how to help my students recall information and strengthen their comprehension of the content (besides having a solid well-rehearsed lesson plan):
* Take the role as “Ms. Plant” and another teacher be “Ms. Animal” and we will wear signs that outline our key structures
*Relate cell structure and functions to school structure and functions

If anyone would like to add some ideas, please do so.

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