Building Relationships & Identities

So this week the relationships I’m building at my placement really shown through at certain times. Through my placement and into STARS, I’m building my identity as a teacher, as well as scaffolding the STARS GREEN team into seeing themselves as scientist.



The β€œR” Word = Relationships

I received my first present from a student πŸ™‚


1st gift :)
1st gift πŸ™‚

One student opened up about personal issues when prompted to work on classwork, they were avoiding. After conversation, they started working . (ARROW: could I have said something better, more efficient?)(Plus: did validate issue. Let them know I’m there, and so are other people)

Found out one of the students want to work for NASA-Had a fun conversation with that
Found out one of my students would like to play football for Syracuse or Rutgers.
( I <3 learning about their interest)




A lot of SCIENCE!!!
A lot of SCIENCE!!!



Very content heavy week, but kept STARS engaged
A lot of SCIENCE!!
(ARROW: What to do with that one person who is always negative?)

2 thoughts on “Building Relationships & Identities”

  1. Build the relationship with her – and then ask HER!! πŸ™‚

    Love the pictures and the focus on RELATIONSHIPS! As the wise Jim Davidson says, nothing in education is more foundational! Thanks Jim!! And thanks for the post that makes the claim REAL.


  2. I like the idea that you could have replied better to the student who opened up to you, but I like the plus more. You are right: You showed that you care. That matters a lot more than saying the right words. We are human too.

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