“Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow…”

Looking back at this past week, I would say overall it was OK. The outcome from recruitment was awesome. As a whole cohort, I would say everyone did great. It was awesome to see/hear the students’ interest in the other projects, as well as ours. I’m a little disappointed, because I feel the experience could have been so much more meaningful if I felt more prepared, and had a better understanding of how certain tasks linked to another. What we got to do this week, and what we are a part of, is such an awesome opportunity/program, but I personally really didn’t get to take that in at all.

Well on 2nd thought, maybe I did. There were some brief moments I did take them in. Like when I looked over to Jessica’s display during the Expo, and saw how awesome it looked, and even better after the Expo, and the mess at her station, evidence showing the students were enjoying science in the brief 10 minutes that she had with them. I just wish I got a picture of that mess. I also had moments during recruitment when we heard the students’ excitement about all of the other projects. It was cool to see that our cohort did well in peaking the interest of the students. Going forward, we should be all right, I hope. I’m feeling a little more prepared.

My pluses- I’m happy most got to see why I love my CT. I have learned so much when it comes to classroom management and relating to the students. I also enjoyed going to her coworkers classrooms, and seeing them being as equally engaging and passionate about science. All of these teachers are pretty inspirational, by representing their love of science and their care for the students through their teaching. I think one personal plus, that was brought to my attention by AC was that Alanna and I had engaged a classroom of high school students for the first 10 minutes of first period class, at 7:30 am. AC said all eyes were on us and they were participating…I would say that is a win!

My arrows-By the end of Recruitment, and even the Expo I was done. I was exhausted, frustrated, and just done. I don’t like getting in that mood, it is not like me at all, so it really bothers me that I got to that point. I wish I had pics or something to put on this blog too. I really don’t like when it is just words, so instead I will leave with some words of wisdom from our buddy Einstein…

“Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is to not stop questioning.”

― Albert Einstein, Relativity: The Special and the General Theory

One thought on ““Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow…””

  1. I love reading this post. I can so feel what you’re feeling.

    And I love the title and quote.

    It means so much to me to read this: ” What we got to do this week, and what we are a part of, is such an awesome opportunity/program…” Thank you for that gift.

    I’m sorry I did not give you adequate support to make the links across experiences before the whirlwind hit. I hope to redesign some of the supports for next year and get your input.

    It’s clear that you are coming into your own as a teacher quickly. You were SO EFFECTIVE during your STARS group presentation – drawing STARS in and positioning them to contribute meaningfully even if they didn’t volunteer to be a key presenter. Awesome job.

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