Building Relationships & Identities

So this week the relationships I’m building at my placement really shown through at certain times. Through my placement and into STARS, I’m building my identity as a teacher, as well as scaffolding the STARS GREEN team into seeing themselves as scientist.



The “R” Word = Relationships

I received my first present from a student 🙂


1st gift :)
1st gift 🙂

One student opened up about personal issues when prompted to work on classwork, they were avoiding. After conversation, they started working . (ARROW: could I have said something better, more efficient?)(Plus: did validate issue. Let them know I’m there, and so are other people)

Found out one of the students want to work for NASA-Had a fun conversation with that
Found out one of my students would like to play football for Syracuse or Rutgers.
( I <3 learning about their interest)




A lot of SCIENCE!!!
A lot of SCIENCE!!!



Very content heavy week, but kept STARS engaged
A lot of SCIENCE!!
(ARROW: What to do with that one person who is always negative?)

Week of Firsts

This week was a week of firsts. I attended my first open house as a “teacher”, I was given my first chance to lead a part of class discussion, we had our first STARS meeting with our STARS team, I even wrote my first “awesome job” post-it note, and gave it to a student who was staying on task, while others around him were not. I could probably go on with more firsts this week, but these are the ones that stick out the most.

The great thing about these firsts, are they are forcing me to take on the responsibilities of a teacher, where I’m held accountable. This new increase of accountability is only intensifying the realization that I am where I belong. That doesn’t mean everything has been completely perfect, in fact I feel everyday has been an intense roller coaster of emotions. I have hit some of my strongest highs this week, and then in matters of seconds, hit an ultimate low. However, at the end of the day, I wouldn’t change the day. I might not want to repeat it, but I wouldn’t want to change it.

So, as mentioned before, I attended my first open house as a “teacher”. I think this really made me see how far I have come, and realize how the kids see me, as well as their parents. It also made me realize what is important to these parents. One dad said to his daughter, “Wow, they have set you up for success in here. I shouldn’t expect you to do poorly in here at all.” I think that statement says a lot about the environment and structure my CT sets. I hope to hear a parent say that someday about my classroom.

During the open house, there were a couple of times when parents talked directly to me because my CT was busy with other parents. One parent was there just to quickly let me know what he expected out of the teachers, should his daughter start doing poorly, or acting up in class. Another student came in with his mother, walked over to me, shook my hand (like we have him do before he enters class), and said hi. His mother started laughing and said that was a strange thing for him to do. I could tell he was a little embarrassed, so I explained to his mother that we have all of the students do that as they come into class because we like to take a second to see how each student’s day is going. This in return lets the students know we care about them as individuals. She seemed to really appreciate that.

At open house, I got to meet the grandmother and mother of a student who is also a part of the Grow Your Ca$h STARS team. I had him tell them about what he did that day, which involved presenting information, to the Director of the Get Real Science Program, to ask for grant money. They knew he was a good student, and expected the best out of him. His grandma asked him where he sat (most of the tables are in groups), and he said he has a group but usually chooses to sit alone. This of course concerned her. However there is a conflict between him and another student, which they were aware of, and I think that may play a role in him choosing to sit by himself.

On my way out, while in the hallways, I had a handful of students introduce me to their parents. Some of them were a part of the STARS team, and it was fun to see the parents’ reactions when their kids told them what they had been doing for the past 2 days. One father pulled his daughter close in, and told her he was so proud of her. I’m starting to realize these are the moments that teachers live for, because catching these moments, and being a part of them, is amazing.

On my way out, a student stopped and introduced me to her dad. When she had said I was Ms. Worthington, he responded “Oh, so you are Ms. Worthington? I’ve heard all about you. You guys (myself and my CT) are her favorite teachers.” This really caught me off guard, because I never thought a student would look at me as a “favorite teacher” while I was in a placement. It was kind of cool, and made me realize the impact we have already.

“Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow…”

Looking back at this past week, I would say overall it was OK. The outcome from recruitment was awesome. As a whole cohort, I would say everyone did great. It was awesome to see/hear the students’ interest in the other projects, as well as ours. I’m a little disappointed, because I feel the experience could have been so much more meaningful if I felt more prepared, and had a better understanding of how certain tasks linked to another. What we got to do this week, and what we are a part of, is such an awesome opportunity/program, but I personally really didn’t get to take that in at all.

Well on 2nd thought, maybe I did. There were some brief moments I did take them in. Like when I looked over to Jessica’s display during the Expo, and saw how awesome it looked, and even better after the Expo, and the mess at her station, evidence showing the students were enjoying science in the brief 10 minutes that she had with them. I just wish I got a picture of that mess. I also had moments during recruitment when we heard the students’ excitement about all of the other projects. It was cool to see that our cohort did well in peaking the interest of the students. Going forward, we should be all right, I hope. I’m feeling a little more prepared.

My pluses- I’m happy most got to see why I love my CT. I have learned so much when it comes to classroom management and relating to the students. I also enjoyed going to her coworkers classrooms, and seeing them being as equally engaging and passionate about science. All of these teachers are pretty inspirational, by representing their love of science and their care for the students through their teaching. I think one personal plus, that was brought to my attention by AC was that Alanna and I had engaged a classroom of high school students for the first 10 minutes of first period class, at 7:30 am. AC said all eyes were on us and they were participating…I would say that is a win!

My arrows-By the end of Recruitment, and even the Expo I was done. I was exhausted, frustrated, and just done. I don’t like getting in that mood, it is not like me at all, so it really bothers me that I got to that point. I wish I had pics or something to put on this blog too. I really don’t like when it is just words, so instead I will leave with some words of wisdom from our buddy Einstein…

“Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is to not stop questioning.”

― Albert Einstein, Relativity: The Special and the General Theory