Day 5…Closure but not quite the end

I had the choice to blog right after camp today, or wait until after work, and blog really really late at night. This is what I had to weigh…do I write a blog while the experiences are still fresh in my head, or do I wait until late at night when I am beyond the point of exhaustion. I realized exhaustion was reached much earlier this week, and there was such a range of emotions today, that I really wanted to take in and reflect on everyting. I have some great regulars at work, whom I knew would ask me about camp. This would be my way of reflecting on today, before actually putting it in a blog.

Today I got to experience Harambee, again. Again, it was amazing. I love Harambee, and I wish I could wake up every morning to Harambee. I even got recognized at Harambee. It was a great feeling, and a great way to start my day. At Harambee, one of the campers let me know he would really miss seeing Ceb and I, and he said that camp went by too fast.

Today was a little bittersweet. Even though it wasn’t officially the last day, it felt like an end. I realized today that I was really going to miss our campers, and the relationship I built with them was special. They were my first “students” and it was a successful experience. For Day 4, the relationships I was able to make with the campers was a “ + “ for me. I feel I was getting a better understanding of how to read these campers, and figure out what they needed. This showed in many ways, but specifically today while making a video. One of our campers had their feelings hurt by the others, and didn’t want to participate. After tries from his piers to get him motivated, I finally got to his level and told him that we were family. I asked him if he ever gets mad at his family. I told him I do. But I also reminded him, that as a family, we needed to stick together, even when upset. He agreed, and rejoined the group. I knew being a part of a team and or family meant something to this camper. He was the one who would remind us that we were a team.
One thing I want to work on, is continuing to keep the students engaged. Especially during activites that are outside. I think how I worked with my campers, while conduction the creation of a presentation. I feel this was my weakness today. I realized I should have had more roles. Roles and individual tasks would have made the presentation creation more efficient.

I’m happy I got to connect wit the campers. I’m happy with the campers understand ing of what we did.
First week of camp was a success!

3 thoughts on “Day 5…Closure but not quite the end”

  1. I love your family analogy and am likely to steal it! I have supervised others in the workplace before so I’ve had to use the line ‘sometimes we have to work with people we don’t love working with’ but emotions are usually more real with kids, and, like you said the other day, we don’t always know what they have gone through between the last day and this one.

  2. How do you think that providing individual roles would make campers more engaged? How about in situations where a camper wanted another camper’s job?

  3. I love reading about the relationships you and Ceb have formed with your campers. These are the memories that will stay with us as we grow as teachers.

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