Everything is Awesome…Day 4

Today was a special day. I think it really hit me how far we have come this week. Our campers participated in an investigation and really took in what they were doing and the relevance of it. By the end of the day, when I asked them “what did we do this week?” their answer represented the practices of science. They had never been formally introduced to those practices as the “8 scientific practices”, so it was pretty neat to see.

One student represented areas of higher E. coli with larger "poops"
One student represented areas of higher E. coli with larger “poops”

We started the day by going to an exhibit at Rush Rhees: “Beyond Rochester’s ’64 Riots”. We did this to give the campers an example on how to present an investigation/study/information. We had the campers look at themes and how they were presented. All of them had a good amount of input. We then asked how this is relevant to their very own investigation at the beach. One of our campers discussed how there was an issue, and to get it resolved, it was important that the whole community was involved. Every voice needed to be heard. She had added a social justice factor to their investigation. To be honest, I have been really happy with everything the students seem to be getting from camp.

Exhibit at Rush Rhees
Exhibit at Rush Rhees

Ceb and I do need to work on communication between each other. There was a minor misunderstanding on what a whiteboard means today. He meant the big whiteboard, I thought he meant the small whiteboards. However, one thing everyone in the cohort has proven this week, is how flexible we are. So we went with it, and the campers didn’t recognize the miscommunication.

One more thing: Ceb is officially “Brother Ceb”. Which is awesome that our campers have included him in how they address people in their community. 🙂

Our students are ready for tomorrow. They are going in with a definite strategy, designed by them, of how they want to present, and what. It is creative and unique to them, and I cannot wait to see the end product.

2 thoughts on “Everything is Awesome…Day 4”

  1. Tiarra,

    Your careful planning and lesson execution is paying off! Congratulations on the success you are seeing from your campers.


  2. I am so impressed with how your team seems to be the most ready, especially because there are only 2 of you leading it! (And, because of my usual acknowledgement that you are actually Superwoman!)

    I love the poops! That is such a perfect idea!

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