Camp Day 3

The sleep deprivation is setting in, but, from others opinions, you can’t tell. Awesome. I would have to agree. Every morning, my fellow cohorts look energetic and ready to go. I personally feel like a zombie, but as long as the campers don’t know that, I’m happy.
In the words of the great Ice Cube …”Today was a good day”

Personally, I felt my energy was running low, but I did my best not to show it. The campers seemed excited to be at the U of R. We have decide to have an early snack, because some of the campers mention being hungry first thing in the morning. We are hoping this helps get them on the right foot.

The biggest thing I would say I took away from today is when Ceb and I sat back and watched as the campers take control of their own learning. While Ceb was filling in data tables, we engaged the campers in a talk about the presentations. One of our campers went right to the whiteboard and started writing everyone’s ideas. They were also discussing, and designating roles. This all came unprompted from Ceb and I. The camper who started facilitating the class is usually not one to take charge, or even fully participate. When he was done, another camper came up to continue on. They had some really great ideas, and were really taking ownership of the task. It was a beautiful thing to see. That I feel was a pivotal moment for me. We got to experience something professors have told us about, so we got that feeling of “we must be doing something right”.
I’m pretty excited about tomorrows plans…see you all there!

Can you feel the energy?
Can you feel the energy?

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