It Almost Rained on Our Parade…Camp Day 1

It almost rained on our parade….

Oh wait. It did. In fact it was a torrential downpour. But luckily everyone survived, and I feel like we all came out with a more enriched experience than expected, making us all realize what we, as well as everyone else in the cohort, were capable of. Like every good experience, there were things I will take with me, and things I know I need to work on.

First, I would like to say that I LOVE that the campers improved our chant. Good job ladies on the bus! Second, my partner needs to be “RECOGNIZED!!” I know I mentioned this in class, but Ceb did a great job implementing the “bring the investigation to the student.” We clearly could not go on the pier since it was being drowned by waves, so Ceb thought on his feet, and took a picture of the pier before the campers arrived. This way, they were still able to make observations of the water on the left side of the pier, as well as the right side.
There were some items we needed to work on. Transitions were one of them, and keeping everyone on task. Now, I could use the excuse that the students were wet, cold, and distracted by the eminent possibility they could be carried away by rainwater that seemed to be slowly flooding the area we were in. But I won’t. One thing we will try tomorrow, is constant change or movement every 10-15 minutes. Our campers had some really great input and questions, and stayed engaged, but then they would drift. So we adjusted our plans to incorporate that. We also have campers that get more easily distracted than others, so we have a plan to keep them with specific roles, to feed off of their strengths and what then can bring to the table. We also plan to work in smaller groups to keep all campers engaged and participating.

It was a great 1st day, despite the weather. The one saying that keeps coming to mind, maybe because my daughter was singing Kelly Clarkson when I got home; “what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger.” I feel we are all a little bit stronger after today. Good job, GRS Cohort!

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