Packing to unpack later…

So I am packing a suitcase for camp…

Tiarra's suitcase for camp
Tiarra’s suitcase for camp

This suitcase is filling up with ideas and themes that I am going to just put down and address later, and maybe in multiple blogs.

We have been asked to think about Social Justice and how it may apply to us as educators, and in our future science classrooms. I feel social justice strongly relates to relationships. Relationships with one’s family, and community. (We see the strong impact of community at Freedom School) Relationships among piers, and those at the school. I feel this also leads to one’s identity. The identity of a learner, a brother, a care giver, a Native American, an African American, an athlete…the components that can make up one’s identity are endless.
How do I incorporate these in to my science classroom, to have students form an identity among the science community… Andrea, going off of Alanna’s suggestion today, said for them to bring in an artifact that relates them to science. Thus, giving you an idea of what they are interested in.

How do I truly prepare myself to lead a class? I have rehearsing and scripting down, but what about those random things you just didn’t prepare for because you didn’t see them coming? What are examples of those? I’m sure it is a “learn through experience” type of thing, but I wonder, if asked if people who are currently teachers, or use to be, could give a pretty good list of all the things that could possibly go wrong, and how to prepare. Maybe someone should write a book on it.

On that note, here we are in our GRS Community, preparing for camp.


4 thoughts on “Packing to unpack later…”

  1. The suitcase metaphor is perfect! As you go one your “journey” you will add things to your suitcase, and make adjustments to the way you have organized it. You will also continue to make meaning of what is packed in your suitcase.

    1. Thank you, Andrea! After each day at camp, I have more to add and unpack :). Sorry for the late response. I need to check my settings. I usually got an email notification letting me know someone commented.

  2. Thanks, Alanna. I just had a bunch of questions, ideas, theories running through my mind, so I thought it was fitting!

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