Different Ways of Thinking

For the Summer A Semester, I am taking, of course, EDU 487: Integrating Science & Literacy, and ED 447: Disability and Schools. With only 3 classes left for each class, I would really like to dedicate a post to something I think about almost every time I have these two classes, or do homework for these classes. Every week, I contemplate blogging about it, then something else comes up. So here it goes:

The material, principles, and ideas for these classes, very strongly relate to one another.

Many times, while I’m reading assignments, or when I engage in class discussion for one class, I am reminded of the other. There have even been times when I bring up readings in one discussion, only to realize the reading was for the other class, and no one knows what I am talking about. This does make sense, since in ED 447, we discuss how the struggles of individuals with disabilities is very similar to many other minority groups, and in EDU 487 we talk about how we want to reach ALL students, and discuss ways to do this.

Today we watched a video in ED 447 that I feel really relates to the Cohorts trying to find innovative ways to bring science to every student. Alanna reiterated this thought, when she said in class “I know how I think, but I want to learn other ways of thinking.” I hope this helps. The following is a TED talk by Temple Grandin, a well-known livestock handling designer who has autism. In this talk, Temple goes over different types of thinking. She really advocates for science and technology, and keeping kids interested and engaged. She makes some really good points, on how language tends to cover up visual thinking, which is something to really think about. One of my favorite things from this talk is the idea that “the world needs different minds to work together (TED, 2010).”

I hope you all enjoy!


TED. 2010. Temple Grandin: The world needs all kinds of minds. Retrieved by

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