Never too busy for lessons…

It was a busy, busy week. I am very excited about all of the different investigations going on in our Integrating Science and Literacy Class. I can’t wait to see the final outcomes! I don’t know if I mentioned this yet, but I really enjoy every second I’m in that class. Not only do I really like the subject material, but our cohort is awesome. What a great group of individuals. Anyway, besides coming up with investigable questions, and reflecting on the best tools to use in my own classroom someday, I attended my oldest daughter’s Pre-K graduation, and my youngest daughter’s first dance recital. Amongst our busy weekend, we had I guess what you call a life lesson, or maybe a lesson about life, and human interaction with nature.

We go to the library a lot, and I let both of the girls pick out books. A couple weeks ago, Emmie, my youngest, grabbed a book called Where Once There Was A Wood, by Denise Fleming. It was a great book, which paints a beautiful description of all of the happenings in a wood, and then in the end it is destroyed by developments. (Sorry for the spoiler, but it is a 5 minute read) This of course got Mia asking 100 questions before bedtime. I ended quickly with it going back to us always needing to be conscious of the impacts of our actions, and who/what they impact, whether it be how we treat/talk to people, or what we do to the environment.

Well two days ago, we heard a constant bleating from the fenced in area of our yard. We went to check it out, and it was a fawn, maybe a week old. Mia was concerned. I explained to her that the fawn was calling to its mom and not to worry because the deer always go in and out of that area. We made sure the gate was open on both ends. However, the fawn is still in there. No matter how many times it walks past the open gate, it can’t figure out how to leave, and it is constantly crying. Tonight before bed, Mia brought up the book, and told me she was really going to start thinking about her actions. She said she never thought a simple fence, with open gates, would keep a baby from its mom. A little sad, I told her to carry that lesson with her, but I am sure the baby will be OK. We don’t hear it cry at night, so maybe the mom goes to it at night.

I realize I mention my girls a lot in these blogs. I think it is because, as much as I relate my everyday life to science, I also relate it to teaching. My girls are obviously my everyday life, and I feel I learn a lot about teaching from them. But that can be another blog, at another time. Have a wonderful week!

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  1. I think relating to your girls in your blogs is very relevant! They see you at many moments, including the middle of the night. If they are getting a good message from you, that shows that you are likely to be able to portray that message during the school day too. You actually have practice knowing how you will be with kids under stress/lack of sleep!

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