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The week of May 31st

Hello Again,

Paige here reporting for the classes of May 31st and June 2nd. We have done so much in such a short amount of time due to the fact that this is a very large course being squished into a short time frame.

On Tuesday (5/31) we discussed the beginnings of our science investigations that were discussed the previous week. We used our inquiry maps to record our thoughts and findings and implications for future experiments. The goal of this project was to take on the role of a science learner to be sure we truly understand what the students […]

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May Twenty Seventh, Two Thousand Sixteen

Welcome back energy explorers!

What an exciting week we had.  We talked more about what it means to be scientifically literate, we crafted investigate questions, and we even managed to get some time in the sun!  This week we continued to explore solar panels.  On Tuesday we finally made it out into the sun to see how well our cars would run.  We noted that the car would start moving immediately in the sunlight, however it would not keep a charge.  We made a few other observations in our original group before heading back inside to share our observations.  Later […]

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Getting Energized about Energy

Welcome back to the Get Real! Science blog! Chelsea here telling you all about how the first week has kicked off. We’re back in school for the summer and ready to get energized about learning about energy. Half of us (myself, Paige, and Christa) will be finishing up this summer, while half of us (Mike, Heather, and James) have just joined the program and are eager to learn the ins and outs of what it is the program is all about.

Back to the point about getting energized: what are all of the things we can do with energy? In […]

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Blogging to Get Real!

“Get Real!”

What do we mean when we use that phrase?  Say what you really mean?  Focus on things that really matter? Walk the walk, don’t just talk the talk?  Blogging offers us a practice, community and format for doing just that as reform-minded science teachers committed to social justice.  Blogging is a space that invites us to connect our personal, more everyday sides of us with our more professional selves.  Blogging connects us to communities that aren’t limited by time or geography.  The audience of blogging holds us accountable to be careful, trustworthy and responsible with what we say.

Participating in the […]

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“Every Student Succeeds Act” (ESSA) – What will the new rules be?

Last December, Congress passed Every Student Succeeds Act, a law intended to replace the destructive NCLB with respect to accountability practices for K-12 schools.  This law changes the rules of the game we will need to follow.  Check out this article just posted on the Washington Post that explores how the rules might change with respect to:

 Students with severe disabilities
Testing throughout the year (imagine better assessments like portfolios!!!) instead of one big one at the end
Use of National assessments like ACT and SAT to replace (and thereby) reduce the amount of testing
Testing in languages other than English spoken […]

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The World We Want to Live In

GRS 2016-17 will be such an important year in GRS and Science STARS – together we will explore issues related to the cross-cutting theme of Energy.  In addition to being a scientifically powerful concept that cuts across the disciplines, considering issues related to climate change and adaptations with the lens of energy is an issue of national importance – even urgency.  How might our inquiry storylines around energy connect our disciplinary passions and that of our youth in ways that we come back together to consider “The World We Want to Live In” (theme inspired, borrowed from the White House call for student […]

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Professional Learning & Collaboration: What’s the Deal?

Greetings Folks!

Welcome to another addition of the Get Real! Science blog brought to you by Dan B. This week’s theme revolved around collaboration, particularly in professional learning settings, as well as using these opportunities to examine student work.  So let’s collaborate!

Our first dive into considering how we examine student work came through our Literature Circle discussion around an article by Krebs & Colton. This piece had us examine a particular example of student work and the analysis done by a group of mathematics teachers in a professional development setting. Key features that came out during our literature circle discussion:


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We’re getting towards the end folks!

Hello All!
Today we had a bunch of informational portions of class, with the underlying dread of having big assignments due in the next couple of weeks.
We opened the class by writing buzz words around interviews on the board, some of which were differentiation, standards, collaboration, reflection and regents.

Next we had a presentation by Dan B. who spoke about the NSTA conference that took place in Nashville, Tennessee. Dan and two of our other classmates went to this conference, and Dan shared many experiences  they had in Nashville. The two scaffolding questions were “What do we get from attending conferences/PLs?” […]

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This week in GRS…

Andrea- Rubrics

FINALLY! For the past three weeks Andrea had been wanting to dissect assessment rubrics. Today we had the time to do it. In a circle we silently passed the rubrics around and provided feedback, suggestions, and compliments to each others’ assessment rubrics. It afforded us the opportunity to see our own work through the lens of a peer, and only hoped that we had had this opportunity sooner to make the suggested adjustments for the gain of the students in our placements.

Daniel- Mini Professional Learning

Daniel used his formatting talents to wow us with the adjustments that can and […]

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Monday the Twenty Second Two Thousand and Sixteen

Greetings! Christa here with another weekly addition of Get Real! Science!  This week we had a guest lecturer come in and work with us and what a blast we had.  His focus was to encourage us to take the step from textbook lab activity to something more inquiry based.   His first activity had us looking at hand warmers and the science behind what makes them work.  We began by playing with hand warmers and were invited to create a model to explain what was happening to cause the heat.  He then poured a liquid (the same liquid as the […]

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Engaging Students in Science

Howdy all,


Welcome back for another exciting round of the GRS weekly class blog. This week the major topic discussed was student engagement.  Student engagement through literature, through technology, through questioning, and the like.


Class began with a group discussion on our reading this week: The Way Students Want to Learn by Laurie O. Campbell and Dara Williams-Rossi.  The reading delved into a variety of technologies that may be used to help engage science students.  However, as the discussion continued each of us in the classroom picked apart the piece of writing to demonstrate that assuming engagement comes with technology is a slippery […]

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Manganese: How do we plan assessment?

Greetings All! Welcome back for another week of GRS class reflections, and another week in the world of chemistry! Today’s element is Manganese, which is responsible for the brilliantly purple color of the permanganate ion as well as a diverse group of other oxidation states and colors.

Tonight we talk about assessment and the importance it plays not only in unit design but also in redesign and revisitation.
Andrea began our class with a few well-timed words of wisdom, talking about reflection as a critical component of teaching -> always want to be reflecting during and after our lessons and using […]

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