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In addition to youth, preservice teachers and graduate PhD students, we have experienced educators, scientists, artists and other professionals who contribute their knowledge and expertise to this vibrant community. Many alumni continue to stay actively involved with various different aspects of GRS. As a resource, we present some of their work, along with links to other great sites for science teachers and educators.
This handbook is a collection of newsletters created by the GRS community (youth, preservice teachers, PhD students, teachers and professors) to summarize the what and why of our core practices. They are available to the public for download. Each newsletter has four sections: key elements of practice, what the research says, illustrations of practice, and connections to social justice.To Handbook
The Wiki is a collaborative repository of materials created from and by the GRS community. Here, you can find unit plans, lesson plans, links to subject-specific resources, handouts and guidelines for running particular events in the GRS program, as well as our Hitchhiker’s Guide that we have used for preservice teachers in past cohorts.To Wiki
The Next Generation Standards provide a framework that is based upon research on how K-12 students learn science, and identifies what they should know in science – broken down into practices, crosscutting concepts and disciplinary core ideas. There are four disciplinary core ideas altogether: physical sciences, life sciences, earth and space sciences, and finally, engineering, technology and applied sciences.To Standards