Standards & Reviews & Exams – oh my!

Here is a collection of resources for NY State Science Teachers – it’s meant to be a one-stop shopping place to access standards, review supports and old Regents exams.

Members of “GRS in Progress” will be using this page to thoughtfully analyze the previous Regents Exam questions that assess concepts their students typically struggle with.  They will map these old test questions to the standards they are intended to assess and rank their own confidence with teaching and understanding each item.  We will then work together to develop complementary (more authentic, performance-based) assessments and instructional strategies to more effectively scaffold your kids’ understandings.


Former Exams: Relevant Items

4th Grade Science

8th Grade Science

Regents Living Environment

Regents Chemistry

Regents Earth Science

Regents Physics

NY State Science Standards & Core Curriculum

  • Elementary Science Standards (so you know where they’re coming from…)
  • Intermediate Science Standards
  • Commencement Science Standards
    • Living Environment Standards
    • Chemistry Standards
    • Earth Science Standards
    • Physics Standards

Mapping Work

  • SAMPLE Spreadsheet analysis of test questions, corresponding standards, your confidence with the content
  • Spreadsheet analysis TEMPLATE for you to log your test questions, corresponding standards, your confidence with the content


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