Human Subjects Clarifications

Hi Team –

As per a conversation with Ms. Buckwell, I have an update on IRB processes for the current work we are doing:

  1. Culturally sustaining ambitious science teaching: We are good with our existing data paragraph on p. 7 of the approved protocol. YAY!!
  2. College STARS do not need to be Citi Certified. We need to add a modification for the currently approved protocol to describe this Consequential Learning work. In it, we will describe how we are going to use existing data (their films) and invite participants back to reflect on their experiences and what these experiences have meant to them. (Sherin – you good with drafting this?)
  3. Chords: Sherin, we will talk on Friday. Bottom line, she recommends collecting stuff (trying not to call it data) as documentation for the design of the program but not call it research. After the program is up and running, propose to study the “existing artifacts.”
  4. I didn’t talk about AR because we already know where we are with that.

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