Kick starting an awesome year of STARS research

Today’s meeting was full of conversations that married history with possibilities.  Defining a research trajectory for the upcoming year is full of challenges:

  • Where do we start?
  • How big do we go?
  • What conversations in the field do we want and feel prepared to be a part of?
  • Who’s saying what and why?
  • What is uniquely us?

That said, the conversations were ENERGIZED with considerations of the potential change that we can realize with the lenses, expertise, data and time that we have in our group.

We decided to start our work together by co-constructing a journal review, reading and discussing “Authoring Selves” from Identity and Agency in Cultural Worlds by Holland, Lachiocotte Jr., Skinner & Cain (1998), and filling a page with possible questions and studies.

Identity image

Can’t wait until next time!