Student for a Day

I had the fortunate opportunity to follow one of my students around for an entire day and relive the high school experience. I have heard it said that the more things chance the more they seem to stay the same. I think this is for the most part the truth regarding my most recent high school experience. While the demographics have changed and certainly the pressures the students I work with now are different than those I experienced, for the most part kids are just kids. They have favorite classes, and classes they don’t like. Teachers they gripe about, and those that can do no wrong; and the one class that they love beyond everything else.

For the student I shadowed this was music, for which they drummed in the schools ensemble. I got to see this student more expressive and excited than I have all year. I also saw how their classmates celebrated the success of the group and motivated each other to take chances playing pieces they were unfamiliar with. Overall, a great experience.

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