Videos Games and/or Learning?

People have always been putting down gamers and video games as if it is poisonous to our brains. I remember my father always telling me If I play any longer I’m going to become a vegetable. Depending on which kind of vegetable I wasn’t that worried, but I always knew that wasn’t the case and […]

Science STARS or Movie STARS?!

SO y’all already know that the Get Real Science Team has teamed up with World of Inquiry School No. 58 yet again for another curated science club designed by pre-service teachers and WOIS 6-8th grade students! Our team “Keepin it 100” is investigating how to live to 100 and lead a healthy lifestyle for personal […]

STARs Keep it 100

I know what your thinking, where did I go. With the month break from my Teaching and Curriculum program I was slingin’ pizzas to save for this next semester! Yes, I am a poor college kid. Anyways, we’re back! We are kicking off this spring at World of Inquiry School No. 58 in Rochester with […]

Tech Control of YOUR Learning!

Now I know what your going to say; I spelled take wrong, but no! It is not what it seems. Just like using Technology in the science class, its not what it seems to be. Science education is one of the most important way students have at questioning and answering the world around them and […]

Climate Change. Does it affect you?

So, the word Climate Change or Global Warming has been pretty relevant in all our lives. At first Al Gore sounded kind of crazy, but maybe it was us who are crazy. This just shows how Climate Change is effecting you no matter who you are or where you live. It has gotten to the […]

Social-emotion competence is a big factor of early-life challenges

A Professor at University at Washington’s department of Psychology, Liliana Lengua, and the Center for Child and Family Well-Being have researched the affects of constant early-life adversity on a child’s executive function skills and lack of excretion of stress hormones throughout adolescence. Executive functions are the way our brain is able to focus, prioritize tasks, […]

Bacteriophage’s to save the world?

Do you guys know what a bacteriophage is? Its alright if you don’t, but they just might end the resilience of drug-resistant bacteria; no big deal. A bacteriophages are viruses that are very good at killing there hosts, bacteria. They attach to the bacteria they match with, insert they’re DNA, hijack transcription to constantly produce […]

Hello world!

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