Creating Curiosity Filled Classrooms

Helping students answer their own scientific questions, begins by helping students ask questions. Once the question is asked, students need to be motivated to find answers, have the skills and tools needed to do so, and learn skills they will be able to take with them after a specific class. Curiosity Filled Classrooms Creating a […]

Crash! Bang!

Car crashes are common occurrences. Consider the following Dashcam video of a multiple car crash: Despite the driver’s car being destroyed: why was the driver seemingly unharmed by the crash? Why was the driver able to run away seconds after the collision? Consider the following situations and how they may connect to the car crash: […]

Going All in for Ambitious Science Teaching

For the past few months, I have been confused by the ideas of ambitious science teaching and how to implement it into the classroom.  After much time spent learning vocabulary and ideas, asking a million different questions and feeling perplexed for months, I am fully committed to Ambitious Science Teaching.  Leading up to the my […]


When you think of Archimedes’ Eureka moment, what image or story comes to mind? You probably imagine a man in a bathtub, right? As it turns out, there’s much more to the story. On TedED Armand D’Angour tells the story of Archimedes’ biggest assignment — an enormous floating palace commissioned by a king — that […]

“It hit him!”

the students in AP Physics 1 cheered as the first tennis ball launched hit Mr. Eck in the back!   In case you are just tuning in and missed last week’s post (or forgot what the problem was)… In AP Physics 1, Mr. Eck posed this problem: Given:  a tennis ball launcher three tennis balls and […]

The Tennis Ball Launcher Initiative

As they walked into class today, students were tasked with the following problem:                   Given:  a tennis ball launcher three tennis balls and a measuring tape Calculate where Mr. Eck needs to stand so that he will get hit when the ball is fired horizontally out of […]

Acapella What?!?!

Acapella Science!! ….Yes, you heard that right!  What is it you may ask?  Acapella Science is a youtube channel, created by Tim Blais, who writes parodies to popular songs such as Pumped up Kicks, Despacito, Havana, etc.  He even writes parodies to songs from the past such as Backwards by Billy Joel, Bohemian Rhapsody, etc.   […]

Which One is More Expensive?

Buying a salad at McDonald’s, a salad at Panera, or buying your own ingredients at Wegman’s?                  Buying a hamburger at McDonald’s, a hamburger at Applebee’s or buying the ingredients at a store?                   Which of these drinks has more sugar […]

That’s a Wrap!!

Last week the GetReal! Science camp at Sodus came to a close!  It was an amazing week, full of many new experiences and A LOT of SCIENCE!   Exstream Team does Science! Monday:  We began our investigation of the water of Sodus by FLYING into the air with GoPros with rigs built by the students.  The […]

“I play softball, just like you!”

The first day of the Get Real! science, science camp at Sodus was AWESOME!! Looking at Fish Food (ie macroinvertebrates) with students! It was not only an amazing experience but was so much fun!! From the stations we ran to introduce our camps to the students, to playing games and doing aerial photography outside, to […]