The Concept Map to End All Concept Maps

This week I did my book talk for all of you and together we created something that I had talked about in my book talk. In my book talk paper I had said that my book, Napolean’s Buttons by Penny Le Couteur and Jay Burreson, could stand as a single book or be broken into its chapters for use in a chemistry classroom. Whichever way the book is utilized it would be really beneficial to make a class-wide concept map for the major compounds and themes within the book, you could even include some historical figures as well but that would add to the complexity that is already outrageous.

As most of you who were there remember, I passed out short chapter summaries that were about two paragraphs long as ask you all to skim and pick out major topics. Because we were pressed for time I prepared most of the bubbles for the concept map already prewritten on the white board. These words included the compounds covered in each chapter as well as major themes such as war, trade, exploration, healthcare, etc. I made a practice concept map the night before in all black pen and the paper basically ended up looking like I drew a giant, blobby spider web. However, by including different colors for you all to write in our creation in class was much more appealing and even more complex. If I were to do this again, which I would like to, I would have made each team add their connections in a different color so that we could see which chapters and teams contributed to which connections. Below is a picture of our masterpiece, I’m sure with more time and possibly having read the actual chapters instead of just summaries, we could have made it even more fantastic.

Book Talk Concept Map

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