Camp Day 4: Construct-ify-ing the “why”

Day four means time to create our explanations and conclusions from our data collection and analysis on days two and three.  This was a particularly tough day on the campers because we really tried to challenge their thinking to create the strongest, yet most accessible investigable question to present to the Level 1’s and 2’s at the Freedom School.  Another issue that was immediately apparent was attendance in our team, Day 1 we had 4 campers and 2 servant leaders, Day 2 we had six campers and one (brand new) student leader, Day 3 we had five campers (one brand new) and one student leader, and today (Day 4) we only had four campers and one servant leader.  Also, knowing that one camper isn’t going to be around on Monday to help give our team’s presentation because he has football camp is a huge bummer.

As I said before, today was tough.  We pushed our campers our of their comfort zones to lead their investigation on their own, through their own ideas and questions.  We spent a significant chunk of time of improving our question followed by a SmartBoard enabled graphing tutorial and data discussion.  We did exceptionally well in the morning facilitating discussion; and I, personally, think I did well with two of our campers in a small group talk to verbalize their thoughts more clearly (and loudly).  This was a challenge, but necessary, to improve their ownership as well as to make sure their voices were heard over some of the more enthusiastic and engaged members of our team.  However, our discussion to get a better question seemed to really drag on, and I think we pulled everything we could (and more), out of our campers.  I think we, as leaders, could have done a better job sensing this and sidelining the discussion while we moved into a more exciting and fun activity so that we could re-energize and re-engage our campers.

Tomorrow seems like it will be a really packed day, but I think it should elicit the campers’ creative sides more which I’m hoping will help to engage everyone and allow everyone to contribute however they feel most comfortable.  I am a little bit concerned about getting everything done, since we do have so much on our plates and often it takes a little while to get our team’s wheels rolling.  They seemed to really enjoy the whiteboards and SmartBoard so hopefully with that we will be able to start off on a strong note by exploiting the available tools and technology.

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  1. Jessica,

    Your insight about today helping ensure quieter voices are heard is an important one. Continue to consider how you can use discussion protocols and short discussion and writing or thinking time to elicit ideas from everyone. I look forward to hearing tomorrow how you feel about the engagement of your campers.

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