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Blogging How-To’s

Writing and publishing a post will only take 5 minutes (or less).  Also you can edit or delete all of a post you write or any part of it any time you want to.

One thing to know… you will be flipping back and forth between 2 views – the view where you do all the work (write a post, upload a picture, etc) called “Site Admin” and the view where you see what it looks like (the view everyone else sees) the “Published” view.

1.     Your URL is (master’s student) (doctoral student)

2.     To write a post (4 easy steps: login, write, add a featured image, and click the word “Publish”)

A.  Go to your Blog: On the right side of the screen, under “Meta,” click on “Login” (This will take you to the “Site Admin” view, the view where you will do anything except write a comment.)  If you don’t see a “Meta” link, just add “wp-admin” at the end of your URL.

B.  Type in your user name and password (your user name is jimc and your password is jim.   Later down this page I will tell you how to change that password to something only you know.)

C.  Click on the “New Post” tab at the top, and write your post.  If you want to make some text bold or italicized or hyperlinked, etc., select that text and click the appropriate “quicktags” above the text box.  It will automatically add the html before and after your selected text.  Make sure to click “Publish” when you’re done.


To view what you just wrote:

Click on “View Site” next to the Blog’s title at the top


3.     To edit or delete any or all of the post you just made:

You can do this 2 ways. EITHER

From the published view, click on “Edit” under the post OR

From the “Site Admin” view, click on the “Manage” tab; then click “Edit” next to your post.


4.     To change your password:

In the “Site Admin” view, click on the tab for “Users.”  Scroll down a bit and you’ll see a place for “New Password”


5.     To change the LOOK of your blog:

In the “Site Admin” view, click on “Presentation” or “Theme”

Click “Select” for any of the other options

Then click “View Site” to see what it looks like.

Try a number of different looks until you find one that suits your personality.

Later, when you have more time, you can choose from a longer list of options.


6.     To add or change “Categories”

Categories are used as keywords to describe each  of your posts.  I have included a number of categories that correspond to your parts of your program portfolio that you will turn in before graduate, but you can add or delete categories as you want.  To add your own category –

Under the “Manage” tab in the “Site Admin” view, click “Categories”

Click on “Add new” if you would like, and make your own category.


7.     To add or change “Links” including your Blogroll (link to other blogs)

You can make links to other people’s blogs as well as to other websites by adding “Links.”

Click the “Link” tab

Then click “Add Link” if that’s what you want to do.


Check these tasks off once you have completed them. (reminders in CAPS)

ð      Sign Get Real! Science Blogging contract

ð      Log on to your blog

ð      Change your password                                    USERS

ð      Change the name of your blog (delete your last name – make it catchy but still focused on science teaching)                    OPTIONS

ð      Write and publish a post                                    WRITE

ð      Change the look of your blog                                     THEME

ð      Write and publish a post with an embedded link                  QUICKTAGS

ð      Write and publish a post with an embedded picture                  UPLOAD

ð      Add categories to one of these posts            MANAGE CATEGORIES

ð      Delete and add someone to your “Blogroll”                  LINKS

ð      Add a link to a resource such as the Exploratorium’s website                   LINKS

ð      Check out possible themes and choose a unique look for your blog

Let me know if you have any questions or issues.  I’m happy to help!  Remember, everything you do is easily undone, so don’t be afraid!

Happy Blogging!


I’m not sure if you have seen this website or not, but it’s quite a spectacular example of how to do a classroom blog:

Extreme Biology

And this teacher will be part of YOUR support network this year (2011-12) as she is joining Get Real! Science to do her Ph. D. research in blogging!

If you have some time, click on the Science Friday post on Ms. Bakers page and listen to that podcast.  Good stuff to think about.

And here is another who was given a shout out in Ben’s blog:

“Biology in Action” Blog Outside of books. Outside of the classroom. A learning community about science in real life.

And another: Dina’s blog – The Line

Wow – if you want an example of advocating for thoughtful, passionate and committed engagement in the professional work of teaching – read Dina!!

And a math teacher’s blog: dy/dan

“My name is Dan Meyer and I like to teach”






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