The Flight Back From The Honeymoon

I’ve changed my blog’s background…


In other news, I am partially convinced that the initial feeling out process between me and my students is over, i.e. the honeymoon period (as I understand it) is over. Initially, both me and the students were hesitant in being overly expressive or fidgety. They were unsure at what the limits of their new teacher were and I was not that sure regarding who was the high-performing student, who was the quiet one that would need help, and who was out to just stir up a bit of trouble. Now I know exactly who that is, and the students know exactly where the line is and many of them will take their share of opportunities to give me the right amount of sass that they know will get a bit of a reaction but will not get them in trouble. This has led to what I have considered my unofficial motto thus far: Never A Dull Moment. This is what I say when people ask “how’s it going?” or “how’s Warner been.” I’ve replied to each of those questions with a few different phrases, but that has been the catch-all phrase I’ve been using to describe my time at Warner and my time here and there truly has never been a dull moment.

I know I normally provide specific examples and stuff, but this blog post is being written at a crossroads where I truly feel at one with all my work and all of my placement and STARS (knock on wood. Seriously). I am a creature of habit. I eat at certain time, I sleep at certain times, I also relax at specific times. The start of the fall semester was very difficult as a result because everything seemed to change week to week. Now I’ve got a routine, and I feel comfortable in my routine. And it’s great. It makes be better at what I do, more sane, and I’ve even found some pockets in my day to get a workout in.

You know what, I changed my mind, I will give you, the audience a list of things. This week: things I’ve gotten better at as a teacher.

1. Trusting my instincts. During camp I was fearful of making any decision because I was so wrapped up in what the potential backlash might be. I was worried that whatever snap decision I made would change the lesson or the day for the worse that fear ultimately prevented me from making those decision in a timely manner. When it came time to reflecting, I realized that I should have made a call and just stuck with it instead of standing there mentally paralyzed.

Now it’s a bit different. There is less time to process from class to class so I don’t have time to consistently ponder the negative side effects. All I see in my snap decisions is the fact that something that needed to be done got done. I trust myself as a teacher a whole lot more and I trust that while my style of teaching needs a bit more work here and there, overall I’m doing a good job.

2. I’ve found my teacher voice again as a result! In this current iteration, it is projective without being loud, although a bit more animation might be useful; when I’m instructing I tend to get a bit monotone so any sarcasm or excitement/disapproval is not as district as I like it to be. That’ll come with work and just being really deliberate about showing emotion through my voice; I am a physically animated person so the voice already has a good role model to go off of.

3. A symbol of authority is a funny thing. I thought my dress and demeanor were pretty good at distinguishing me as a teacher, but you would be surprised at the number of time I get asked if I am a student or not. It’s a fairly consistent occurrence… That is until I put on… THE KEYS!

Screen Shot 2014-10-10 at 10.14.57 AM

Yeah. Those keys. Two keys… and a pen… on a hook on a lanyard… That’s it.

No ID badge, no photo, nothing… Just keys.

And apparently that’’s all it takes.

Truth be told, I feel more legitimate with them as well. When I put them on in the morning, it signifies some shift in my mentality. I put them on and that means it’s go time. Everything else gets put on the back burner for a mite longer because I’ve got a role to play and a job to do. In a way, it feels like when Clark Kent goes to Superman. It comes with a whole different set of expectations and more eyes are focused on what you do than you would think. Yeah the keys come with responsibilities (with great power, am I right?), but I wouldn’t trade them for much right now.

Welp, that’s it for this week. Bye for now!