GRS Summer Cap Day 5: Camp Another Day 

Friday, Friday, Friday. Everything came together and after a day 4 filled with hard and grinding thinking, it set a great platform for day 5 and it showed. Boy was today free-flowing, fast and full of energy.

Today was making our claims and setting up our presentation. And for the first time all week, we actually got through our agenda! Yay! I am so proud of all our campers and the strides they made and I am also proud of the team leaders for making the adjustment for the campers individually and in a group. While our conclusion may not be as ironclad as we may have liked it to be, I think we are in a pretty good place to go and present, as our campers have taken their specific roles in the presentation and scripted and tailored their understanding in a way that the level 1 and level 2 Freedom Schoolers will understand it.

Some personal pluses and arrows: For this post, I’ll try to make my pluses things I improved on over the week and my arrows the stuff I want to improve looking ahead past camp.

My big plus for the week was my decision making. I found a bit more confidence in myself and even though some of my decisions had some repercussion on the spot, I am confident and therefore a bit less indecisive and do not shut down when I have to make an adjustment. Another big plus was making the significant connection with the students. I stepped off my pedestal as a science person and made the connectionsI thought would be a distraction. I talked sports, rap, and everything else. Those little 20-second breaks, even during our work time were enough to re-energize the group for more work and surprisingly, was not too much of a distraction.

My big arrow still is my ability to judge when my class or group is getting nowhere. Wait time is critical, but sometimes it does nothing and need to scaffold the prompt better. Sometimes it is in planning, sometimes it is the snap decisions. Honestly, while I may be a better snap decision maker, I still have a ways to go. My hope is that with STARS, that skill will be developed further.

2 thoughts on “GRS Summer Cap Day 5: Camp Another Day 

  1. I think that confidence is key, and will be built over time. I’m not remotely where I want to be yet, but I am thankful to have had subbing. I’m glad that you learned that balance between sharing some personal information with your kids. Did you start to feel better about public speaking once you knew them well?

  2. I really did. Because they knew me better, it felt like I was forcing it less. When I felt like I was losing engagement, I knew what would get us back on track and energized.

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