How I Spent My Three Day Summer Vacation

I’m not much of a blogger, but I am a bit of a talker and a writer, so I this made sense as a medium for my thoughts and my reflection. As a talker, my thoughts are the equivalent of brain splatter: ideas going every which way about anything and everything, and anyone within hearing distance gets hit. As a writer, on the other hand, my voice is very reserved and proper; often my intended audience is a small group of people or just one person, most likely someone my superior/ grading my papers or essays. In blogging I have to balance the opennness of my speech with the focus of my writing because while I am writing, the blog is also a place to have a conversation with myself and others (Luehmann, 289). The happy intermediate will hopefully serve as an effective blogging medium.

In one of my old internships, one of the discussion protocols we had was to always “speak from the “I” perspective.” This meant that any statement you made was only from your point of view and that you would not assume anyone else’s background, point of view, or feelings on the subject. This is the primary reasoning for my (sometimes) excessive use of I’s and my’s and me’s in my post. It may come off as narcissistic, but I think it makes sense: the opinions and thought on this blog are my own (unless credited) and I can only speak from my own background. I think this is one of my greatest strengths as a blogger. I can speak from my own identity and invite others to do the same. The strength of my own perspective still has some growing to do. There are parts of my identity that I asm very sure of, and parts of it (mainly that of Eric the grown-up) that I am still working out. Bu through blogging I can work out some of these issues by using it as a tool to gain “awareness and personal consideration (295)” of my own voice.

This blogging thing is still really new to me. My experience in writing has almost exclusively been in short stories, plays, essays and lab reports. One of my areas of growth is definitely incorporating other media into my blog. I’ve embedded hyperlinks into my blog posts, and for the class blog I use photos to capture what words truly can’t. A prime example is the variety of Warner Biscuits. That is when a picture definitely spoke a thousand words. But considering how much you can incorporate into a blog, I could stand to blab a little less and incorporate a bit more. With that said, here is a list of books that I may consider for my literary discussion (more on that later).

Another one of my areas of growth is using my blog as place to grapple with issues. I reflect a lot and make checks of my internal state a lot, but I don’t openly work out some of my issues as often as I should. This is a space where people make comments and while I allow them to make comments, I don’t give the questions or the vexations (gonna start using that word more often now!) as a platform for these discussions. As much as you all would like to hear how I’m doing, wouldn’t it be better if I incorporated more vexations? Also, what kinds of vexations (personal, pedagogical, content-based, a combination of all of the above) would interest you most?

And with that Summer A is over. Time to rest (sort of) and relax (sort of) and get ready for summer B! Coming into this course I had no idea what to expect. It had only been two days since graduation and it was a short time to get a lot done and to have a big shift in mindset. I went from a student whose attitude towards schoolwork was in-line with, “oh, to hell with this. I just gotta get this done and turned in.” But now I’m a graduate student. While the word “student” is still in there, this now means that every bit of work I do has some practical purpose and that practical purpose is coming up very soon. At times everything seemed overwhelming and I felt that I didn’t quite have what it took to be in this line of work. However, there have been moments of reassurance because in every class, I have felt I’ve built on my knowledge from the previous class every time. I’m slowly shedding my lens of seeing the world as a science student and building my lens of “science facilitator.” That means that I am looking at everything as broad as the world around me to something specific as  steps in a student’s methods section that could prove to be a learning decision. It’s not easy yet, but it will get easier with time and it will make my role as a facilitator all the better. And finally, a shout out to the 2014 cohort.  They are an amazing and supportive group and really helped me stay strong. Guys and gals, you are better than any group I could’ve asked for! Bring it on, Summer B, we’re ready for ya!

And lastly, a message from Uncle Charles:


Bye for now!

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