Life Lessoned Learned Little by Little

Well, it’s mid-June (ish) and I’ve typed up my last VCEEE for 487. It’s only after I have typed them up and read the comments that I look back at them not so much as assignments, but as compartmentalizations of my takeaways from the readings. I suppose that’s one step in the teacher direction of the student/teacher identity.

Ceb and I have started to hash out the nuances of our project. I now present the things I’ve learned thus far… In list form!

-Hardware stores and pet stores are gold mines when it comes to materials for experiments.

-Coming up with your own procedure is a huge learning experience. I did not expect to use stoichometry for a project based on bacteria, but it happened and shows that skills are transferrable between the major disciplines.

-Putting something into pictures before putting it into writing is a big help. It is much easier because one can gradually add a greater level of detail by using the pictures as a jumping off point. That leap would have been difficult if we started by writing it out.

So far, I think I’m doing and feeling fine. One thing that keeps happening is that I am terrible with keeping in touch with people who are not in Rochester. Technology has made it easier than ever to do so and I still forget/put it off. Sometimes it’s work, sometimes it’s fatigue, sometimes it’s just that I don’t know what to say. Whatever it is, I still have to put in that time for those people who matter. Sigh, I guess that’s a part about being a pseudo-real person: your friends are not going to be geographically convenient, so you make time for them. Man these little lessons seem poignant when I write them down.

Well, on that note… The webcomic link of the week has to do with how I feel above. It’s also not an uplifter, but I guess that’s where I am right now. But that’s okay. You need bitter in order to taste sweet, right?

See ya next week or sooner!

One thought on “Life Lessoned Learned Little by Little

  1. What a great list! Best tip (although the others could also, arguably be called “best” as well!): Hardware and Pet stores are goldmines! You will be happy you learned that so early in your career!

    Keep on doing and feeling fine! And don’t beat yourself up too much for not making time to connect with friends that are not so near. I could take a hard line and say “just do it”… but I am realistic about the way life gets in the way of things we wish we would do. So here is a helpful suggestion…. invite them to read your weekly blog… they can then stay connected to you by reading your thoughts and doings of the week!

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