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So I am a fan of the internet, and it leads me to some fun and sometime thought-provoking things. So in this edition there are two things:

This is a music video to a song called “Fragile.” It is a collaborative piece (we read about that!) and the short story that is interspersed really made me think.

I felt determined and unsettled at the same time watching this. I feel like there were times in middle and high school when I was the victim of the bullying and sometimes I was the bystander, maybe not with a phone in my hand recording the whole thing but still doing nothing. The lyrics are a bit fast, I’ll admit, but both the song and the story relate to how gifts and talents outside of mainstream acceptance sometimes never see the light of day, and that we must be active in being allies to these students so that their gifts may show.  One last point I will make about the song is that in the second and third verses, both the artists take offense to critics who slam them despite having never performed themselves or even bothered to really understand their material. What I take away from this is that there will be critics out there of how we go about teaching what we teach. We must be aware that some opinions truly matter, and some simply do not matter at all. Find your network of people to trust and be confident in what you do.

(phew that was a lot, but I’d love to hear your thoughts)

The second is another “Zen Pencils” comic.  This one is from a high school valedictorian and is an excerpt from her speech.

This one has a lot of weight for me because as educators, we want our students to succeed in our class and in their lives. But this quote just makes me feel… well… I don’t know how to feel about this one.

Anyway, sharing is caring and so here you go: a rap song and a webcomic. Beats reading about the Kardashians 12 times out of 10 if you ask me.

2 thoughts on “Things Eric finds on the internet

  1. I LOVE that music video!!!! Thank you for posting it! I love it for a few reasons:

    – It allows the person watching it to relate to the child being bullied. I was bullied, which is a post I will someday write.

    – The artists show their sensitive side in a culture where many don’t. They show that everyone has feelings. I don’t think that there are many rap songs about this type of thing, if any others!

  2. What a powerful video. For reasons I will never understand, bullying is a part of today’s culture (probably always has been too). We, as teachers, must be ever vigilant. Watchful for any signs, and reaching out to both the folks who bully and the ones being bullied.

    Also, love the webcomics you post for us! And what is with the public’s fascination with the Kardashians? I will never understand the what/why of that.

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