Dr. GetReal or How I Learned to Love the Genesee River

What a long and short two weeks it has been… I don’t even think I remember my own graduation ceremony anymore. The day-to-day is starting to settle in and I’m (almost) starting to get the hang of things.

A lot of the concepts I’m learning make sense at a basic level, but I had not given them as much comprehensive thought as I had until now. I always thought that scientific skills always outweighed straight content in terms of importance in a classroom, but I had never found an answer as to how to effectively implement all the skills I wish I had had when I took my intro courses in undergrad. With the newly found knowledge on scientific literacy, all of my former courses look very different in my mind. I better understand why the ones I liked and the ones that challenged me in a positive way were effective. At the same time, it also puts into context why some of the courses I took were not as good at developing my scientific mind (sorry, orgo II, you will forever be repressed in my subconscious).

I’ve gone on more field trips this week than I have in the past year, and I did not know that the city of Rochester had so much natural beauty to offer. Between the three falls and the edge of Lake Ontario, the Genesee river is amazing, especially through a scientific lens. There are so many experiments that can be done using the river and the local nature as a framework to tie it all in, plus it is stunning to look at. I mean there was a swan’s nest in plain sight while I was standing on a walkway at a part the river that would make a Hollywood location scout salivate. Those board of tourism people need a swift kick in the rear if you ask me…

One las thing: I’m starting to think Rochester is really my adopted city now. Sure I’ve gone to school here but now I am really asked to engage in its local history and be part of a solution to its problems. The outings have definitely contributed to that.  To help a community means being a part of that community, which means understanding the pride and joy of that community and I gotta tell ya, there is a lot to admire about the city (and I’m not just talking about garbage plates and Wegmans).

Asa reward for reading through all of that, here is yet another comic from “Surviving the World.” If you want to see the rest of the archive go to http://survivingtheworld.net/. Do it, they’re chock full of scientific and life humor.



Bye for now!

2 thoughts on “Dr. GetReal or How I Learned to Love the Genesee River

  1. What a great post… you managed to weave in all of the strands that we are hoping to achieve with our work: expanding and revising our notion of what science is; being in awe of the natural world; thinking of ways to explore the natural world; with a focus on being community active. Being a native Rochesterian, I am proud that you are considering it your adopted city! Welcome! I love your creative flair, from the title all the way through your writing choosing the words that make your thoughts come alive!

    Also, thank you for putting in the “surviving the world” chalkboard. Maybe you could make the link “live” so that lazy persons such as myself only need to click on it to get to it.

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