Hello 2015/2016 school year!

Its a new school year and I know that I am just as excited as my students to get back in the classroom and collaborate with my students through a great year of teaching and learning, ok maybe I’m more excited than some of my students but I am a positive guy and like to think everyone is looking forward to a year of Earth Science and Physics the same way I do.

I know most people like to devote the first day to getting to know you activities but I really don’t think you can get to know your students in A day, and they can’t get to know me in 40 minutes either, so I like to stretch the introductory stuff out over the first month or ten. In other words as my past students know I will be talking about myself and family, and listening to them talk about themselves and we will do all sorts of activities to learn classroom procedures and practice them until they just become habits that a learning community participates in.

-Mr. D