The Parting of the Ways

And so it is that everything must come to an end.  It has been a long journey and yet such a short year, but here I stand at the end of my current adventure and at the foothills of a new one.  I have changed quite a bit since last year, and yet one thing has remained constant thought this journey – I still hate writing.  But writing I have done, do now, and will continue to do; for our writing is our legacy and when we are gone, our writing will live on.   And because I am getting graded on it.

Some of the biggest take-aways from this program are:

  • The best way to learn science is through inquiry
  • Revisit, Revise, Repeat
  • Engage your students in relevant science
  • Authentic science can be done at all ages
  • Teaching is all about relationships
  • Use your resources – your not in this alone

So long as I follow those six bullets with my students, I will be on my way to creating a more scientifically literate generation, one class at a time. Well hopefully anyway.

Now to take the leap into the next phase of my adventure.  Thanks for all your support.


The white tomb

Tragedy has struck again.  Every time I think about what happened in Orlando I want to cry.  This is why we need safe spaces in our classroom.  Our students need to know that there is some place that they can go where they won’t be judged.  What happened in Orlando was senseless and appalling.

This week is for the victims.

It feels weird ending with my usual cheers for now

The vanishing glass

Hello all!

I’m going to tell you the story of how I was almost defeated by a child’s toy.  We bought cheap child’s toy with the intention of snapping bits of it apart.
Now I don’t know about you all but when I was a kid I remember these types of toys being easy to break.  Wrong.  Not only did I have to have a fellow classmate snap the plastic off but he bent the the metal rod that goes through the wheel (we needed that part).  Eventually we got something to work though.  Anything for science!


Cheers for now!

The Forest Again

Hello all! Quick post today-

Right in the middle of our exploration into renewable resources I am leaving it all behind for a weekend away.  I am super excited! For those of you who have been reading my blog you know that this has been a long time coming.   Hope everyone else is taking the time to relax and do something they love!

Cheers for now!

Educational Decree Number Twenty-Four

This semester I am talking a class called Integrating Science and Literacy and it got me thinking; what is literacy?

Now you could think of literacy in the traditional sense: the ability to read and write, but we don’t usually associate that with a science classroom.  To get a better idea of what we are talking about here lets broaden out our definition a little bit.  Lets say that literacy is the ability to interpret and express.  Science literacy then would be the ability to interpret scientific content or concepts and express scientific content of concepts.  Cool.  So what does that look like then?

Being scientifically literate would require the learner to be able to use and understand scientific vocab, models, diagrams, graphs and more.  In effect, the learner must be a part of the Discourse of science (Gee, 2004).  Or at the very least have the ability to be a part of the science discourse.  Of course, when we put it that way it seems like no small task.  Good thing we have a class dedicated to that!

Cheers for now!

The writing on the wall

Greetings Earthlings!

I’m back!! I am sure you all missed me.  I am happy to report that I already got my first sunburn of the season and my first vacation of the summer planned.  To get us back into the blogging mindset and to welcome the new cohort, our fearless leader April posted a blog post on blogging (click here to read).

Blogging has become somewhat of a ritual for me.  Every Friday I can be found by my computer reflecting on the week that had passed.  April’s post is a reminder of the reasons why we blog.  For me, I believe Christie Wilcox says it best:

Science blogging is truly a noble pursuit because it seeks to inform and excite others.

I am by no means the most eloquent blogger out there, but I love what I do and I love sharing my journey with you.

Here’s to the last leg of my crazy journey.  Cheers for now.


*Quote from Science Blogging; The Essential Guide by Wilcox, Brookshire, and Goldmen

The wanderer.

Another semester is coming to a close and man has the time flown by.  I just have to keep reminding myself that there is so much left to do!  Especially since I need to find a job and I still have classes all summer.  What’s hard though is my wanderlust is kicking in big time with the sunny weather.   I am so ready to go camping every weekend and already have some destinations picked out.  I’m just waiting for my syllabuses so I know which weekends I need to be home.


Hey serious question: Since I am an Earth Science teacher, can I count my time with the Earth as Professional Development? 😉

After all the best way to learn about the Earth is to just pay attention to it.  And we live in a beautiful part of the country with a wide variety of things to see.  U-shaped valleys, drumlins, waterfalls, granite inclusions, thick shale beds.  You can’t just read about these things – you need to experience them.  As much as I love being in the city I do feel trapped here.  If I start disappearing for short periods of time do not be alarmed – I am fine.  I’m just in the woods somewhere enjoying my life.

Cheers for now.

Money, Money, Money

So I might not be student teaching anymore but man am I still busy! (shocker.)  I’m starting to get pretty nervous as the gears have shifted away from student teaching and on to actual teaching – as in finding a job.  I’ve taken the time to spruce up my resume and have even had a few screening interviews, but at the end of the day I have no idea how well I’m doing.  I guess time will tell.  For now I am just focusing on working hard and doing the best that I can.  There is still a lot of school work ahead of me and hopefully some really good job potentials.  Best of luck to me and my fellow cohort members as we venture into this new and terrifying part of our journey.   I’m sure we will all end up successful.

Cheers for now.

Last call

Today was my last day at my middle school placement and man ways it bitter-sweet.   I look forward to having a little bit more free time but man will I miss those kids.  In a short amount of time I got to know what made them laugh and what made them frustrated and just how far I could push them to get them working harder.  They were wonderful to be around and I’m glad I had the opportunity to get to know them.

I’m also grateful that I had the opportunity to work with such an amazing teacher.  I feel like I have learned so much and am looking forward to ever pushing myself to do better.  My CT helped push me to take my lessons to the next level and reminded me to always care abut the students as a whole;  after all – our students are people first.

I am eternally grateful to everyone at both of my placements for all of the knowledge they have given me and for pushing me to be a better teacher.

Thank you.

Cheers for now.