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The usage of technology in this day and age has certainly had a rapid effect on society. Its effect can be used for either good or bad, and either way, can reach and services thousands, millions, perhaps even billions of people. When bad, however, its effects can be like fast poison: gripping, unstoppable, potent, and lethal.



For those that do not know, there will be an Earth hour in which lights and electronics will be turned off in an effort to raise awareness about global warming and the impact our electricity usage has on it. On my way home from school today, I was listening to the radio. Now let me tell you, this is something I never do, as half the nonsense they speak about on the radio is just frustrating to me. However, I had already started driving and did not want to plug my phone in to listen to my music instead. The radio announcer, on one of the most listened to radio stations for the younger society, was mocking the idea of Earth hour. He went so far as to say how perfect a time it would be to download a bunch of stuff, as many people wouldn’t be on their electronics at this point.

The radio speaker, in a position of power to do good, turned a serious issue into a mockery. Rather than taking the time to say how cool it would be for his listeners to participate in Earth hour, his remarks had the exact opposite effect. His fast poison reach certainly does not stop there, though – it trickles through to the peers of the listeners, where it continues to spread even more rapidly: more and more people see such a critical event to raise awareness as a focus of mockery rather than a real scientific issue.

The importance of using media in an advantageous manner cannot be overstated. We think about Facebook, blogging, texting, emailing, anything that involves technology – how do we use these to do good rather than bad? Rather than spread poison, why not spread euphoria?


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  1. I cannot say how much I love this post. I often find myself sitting in silence rather than listening to the radio, and can rarely watch any kind of news shows because of all of the negative and sometimes just straight up false information. So how to we change this use of media? Such a tough question, but totally appreciate this post, thanks!

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