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Monthly Archives: December 2015

secretThe importance of the R word (relationship) can never be overemphasized – I have realized this is the case more and more as each day in my placement passes.

This past week, one of my IB 2 seniors was going to hear the results of her Early Decision application – a binding agreement to go to the school – to Duke. But few knew that – she’d convinced everyone around her that she was going to hear on December 15th, which is this coming Tuesday, as opposed to December 10th. She came to me during lunch before anyone else got there, on Friday, 12/4. Intrigued as to when she’d hear back, I asked her about it. She proceeded to ask if I could keep a secret, and I said of course. She told me that she would know on 12/10, but she’s been telling everyone 12/15 because she was sure she wasn’t going to get in and didn’t want to face the humiliation.

This girl, absolutely brilliant, who has known me for not even three months, trusted me with such a secret – not only that, she WANTED me to know before others knew – if that doesn’t speak volumes about the importance of the R word (this for her right now is the biggest news of her life, and few things will compare to the magnitude of this importance), I’m not sure what is.

In case you were curious, she will be starting school at Duke in Fall 2016.

In a more lighthearted post this week, here’s a way to learn about neutrinos in a lot of depth and in an exciting way.

Fermilab runs a “Physics Slam” every year featuring short (10 minute) presentations on emerging science for the public in an entertaining format.  It sells out their 850 seat auditorium every year. This year, University of Rochester physics graduate student Chris Marshall takes on the role of MC Truth to tell us all about neutrinos in the most interesting way possible.

What ways do you see students expressing their ideas about science in entertaining and engaging ways?