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Monthly Archives: August 2015

EDU 486 came with a requirement of 5 weekly blog posts and, additionally, 6 daily blog posts from camp, as well as this reflection post. In the blogging that I’ve done, I’ve learned quite a few lessons.


The first lesson has been that I always want to communicate my ideas, whether they have strengthened me via positivity or negativity. In my post “Archery and Addition,” I addressed many of the negative things that had happened and what’d I’d taken away from the chaos of the day. Blogging about what I’d learned rather than having an hour long conversation about it allows me to think more clearly and revise my thoughts if need be (thank you edit button). It also only invites opinions if someone wants to take the time to read what I’ve had to say. I’m usually good about taking criticism, but when I’ve had a chaotic day, I prefer to remain reserved, but still get my thoughts out. Blogging is the perfect way to do that.

Blogging has also allowed me to obtain perspective on how members of the cohort think about topics that we don’t always have time to discuss in class. While I won’t always comment on the posts directly, I will frequently try to bring up their ideas when formulating questions during discussions in class.

All in all, blogging provides a safety space for sharing thoughts and learning about the thoughts of others.

Blogging would of course be completely impossible without technology. I’ve spent much time debating on how to say things while multitasking on other tabs on my computer. The importance of technology for EDU 486 has been very apparent when trying to further discussions, reflect on the activities of the week, and self-reflection. Blogging has
allowed other instructors and professors to look at my thoughts and how I feel and react to different situations without having to sit through class MWF from 9AM-12:30PM. They know what I have to say and they know about my different viewpoints. This kind of role that blogging plays will allow my future instructors to recognize opinions that I have and we will be able to have different discussions at multiple intervals based on these viewpoints.

The role blogging would play over the past six weeks was certainly unbeknownst to me prior to starting the course. I was skeptical about the power it would play, but it has been a very powerful way of conveying thoughts. It’s been a great summer of keeping up with it, and I’m sure I’ll post about random things before EDU 434 starts in the fall!

The conclusion of camp involved very little of me leading and all of the campers doing that sort of work. I transcribed the information that they’d formulated for the factor map directly onto a larger poster and they ran with the explanation. There was never a question that I needed to ask. The script they’d written for the bacteria interviews was clever and explanatory of many of the things we’d done in the past week.




There will be so much more regarding my reflection on camp tomorrow. Stay tuned!