Why Does Science Matter & What Are The Competing Stereotypes? (now with bonus Inquiry Cube activity)

[Constructed in class (EDU434) on Monday Sept 8, 2008]

(higher-res versions located here)

Why does science matter?

What are the competing stereotypes?

Inquiry Cube Activity (class discussion)

Inquiry Cube Activity


* What’s inside it
* Why are there numbers?
* Does it open?
* What’s on the bottom?
* What’s inside?
* What holds it together?
* Why are there different colors?

What’s on the bottom? (Do not touch turn lift or open!)

2 (pattern – missing number)

2 (opposite sides add to 7)

purple 2 (purple numbers are prime)

green 2 (even numbers are green)

2 oriented same as 5

Characteristics of Science

o Starts with a question
o We make observations
o Look for patterns
o Use observations and prior knowledge to infer
o We don’t know what the answer is going to be
o We use models
o Inferences include explanations
o Use a variety of viewpoints
o Collaborative
o We have conflicting viewpoints
o We shared what our evidence was with others
o Became stronger because of sharing
o Didn’t use scientific method
o —
o Complex
o Sometimes you have to re-hypothesize
o Didn’t have best tools for job
o Some disagreement
o Old tools need to be adapted on the fly for new uses
o Have to have something to base hypothesis on
o Creativity plays a role

Box 2 – What’s on the bottom?

o Saw an 8, red from pattern, Francine/Francene? (top corner = letters in name, bottom corner # shared letters with opposite)

Questions we won’t ever know the answers to:

o How did the universe begin
o What inside a black hole?
o Where’s the rest of the matter?
o What does an atom look like?
o Chicken or egg?

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