What is Success without Trial?

Welcome to November one and all and happy good luck day (well almost 11/11/16). We have concluded the after school program with graceful fanfare and a very successful showcase night. This experience provided some of us with a whole new view of teaching. Not just dealing with the students but constructing a meaningful investigation with an end goal in mind.

With the conclusion of our technology class that went along with STARS we come ever closer to the end of the semester. The final class the cohort participated in a panel discussion where April posed us with questions and 3 to 4 of us provided answers with some discussion integrated. We also got the chance to play with a Google cardboard based VR device, which was a fun way to end a class that was heavily layered with stress venting from STARS.

The cohort has also started to trudge through some of the heavier assignments of the Fall semester but I won’t bore you with those however, the most meaningful of which to me is the series of lessons taught at our placement. I have actually just completed mine and it was interesting to say the least. I learned a huge amount from it primarily that labs written for the classroom need to be thoroughly explained and walked through, especially when you are working with 9th graders who are used to getting their hand held through everything. More importantly than that is the fact that I learned I really am connected to this kids and still want to be a teacher. Does that means they’re easy to handle? No. Does that mean they listen to everything I say? No. It does mean that I can help these kids achieve success and make their way through the class. The most important thing to learn from these lessons is which areas you need to work on as teacher and what are your strengths, because those are just as important.

Anyways…..looking forward to talking with all of you again through non-verbal interactions on a screen generated by code 🙂 but really blogging again will be entertaining at least, it ends up being a less stressful venting.

Until next time,

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