Welcome to GRS!

Here is your first chance to relate through blogging. Go for it!  Write your first blog post!! (Who’s your audience?  How are you reaching out to relate with them?)

Where do you stand – today, at this moment?

What is the change you want to see in science education (and the world), as well as the role you plan/hope to play in effecting this change?

  • Go to the admin page of this blog – http://getrealscience.com/getreal/wp-admin/
  • Log on using your user name and password
  • Go to Posts and “Add New”
  • Write it and “sign” it
  • Click Publish
  • Click view post or Get Real! Science at the top to see what you’ve done!

Feel free to play with affordances (links, images, etc.) – either today or some other time.  That’s how you learn!

Happy Blogging!  – April & Team

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