We are all on a “Spectrum of Right”

6/5 was a Thursday, therefore: Seminar + Class

In arriving to class, Jo Ann had something from April to show us; April brought two packages of “Warner Biscuits.” One package was double stuffed, for “Jessica and her friends” and the other package was single stuffed, for “me (Jill) and my friends.” A big thank you to April for accepting our different Oreo identities, and helping us avoid another friendly argument 🙂


Let’s start with seminar:

Jo Ann provided us all with a syllabus for seminar (that can be accessed on blackboard). After allowing us to poke through the information on blackboard, we asked a few questions here and there. For anyone that wasn’t there or doesn’t remember there are a few things we should be thinking about during the summer:

Before Summer Session B it would in our best interest to have our DKP and Safety Essay complete (link to guidelines and rubric can be found on blackboard). Also, we should plan to take our content exams before November; they have to be done before we start student teaching!

We ended seminar with a Ted Talk that Jeb discussed in his VCEEE for this week. If you want to re-watch, here is the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Y9tVf_8fqo

Now with everyone here we had a better than usual transition into class. Our topic of the day was “Untapped Resources” which could have been linked to the readings for class, but it didn’t have to be!

           crop (2)

As we began our “do now” we jotted down our thoughts on a few prompts from the readings. While we were doing this, Mike and Sean, not so slyly, read our work over our shoulders (which I found out is one of Jessica’s biggest pet peeves). This led us into a discussion about the readings which a few of us found difficult which also led to difficulties in constructing our VCEEEs. Jeb seemed to have a good handle on the readings and his VCEEE was very helpful for many of us. Also something from Jeb during discussion which seemed to spark some interest: the concept of having three different identities, which, if I am remembering correctly are virtual, prospective and real world.

After discussion we all checked out the bacteria in the plates from last class. We found 1 colony of e coli in water that Jo Ann took from a neighbor. Side note: The plates smelled a little funky which was not enjoyable.


We then split up into partners, designated but certification area, to present our ideas for investigable questions. It seemed like in each pair the members had similar ideas, which was helpful in deciding on the actual question to investigate. With help from our fellow cohort members and teachers we all decided on a question and then started planning the investigation.

20140605_194234 20140605_194834 20140605_195141 20140605_195318

We drew a model of the plan on “Warner Paper” and then went on a museum walk to try and figure out the groups’ investigation plan. Jeb and Eric are interested in using liquid fertilizer and how the chemicals in it affect the river. Me (Jill) and Jessica are interested in how water quality changes as the river travels through downtown Rochester. We’re testing multiple aspects but the most exciting (and kind of gross) part will be our work with the water fleas. Alanna and Tiarra are interested in how the changes in the turbidity of the river are affected by the area around the river. Alanna plans on bringing her pet platypus for the investigation. Kaitlynn and Ryan are interested in testing the water quality in the river (around U of R) at the same time every day. *However, I heard them talking at the end of class so they may have switched their entire idea… which will be exciting to hear about!

20140605_181501 20140605_181849 20140605_182825


All of this investigation planning has made me excited to hear about every group’s investigation!

Just a reminder: If you are using plating in your investigation, make sure you keep the gel in the freezer or refrigerated!

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4 thoughts on “We are all on a “Spectrum of Right”

  1. Great blog post! I have a small correction about the three identities. It isn’t prospective, but projective. That said, the projective identity is responsible for creating prospective goals for one’s virtual identity.

  2. Thanks for the clarification, Jeb! I wasn’t sure if I was remembering correctly.

    And Alanna, in that case, it must have been a dinosaur 🙂

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