Uncovering Big Ideas and Finishing Up An Experiment

We had a very exciting class last Monday as we continued our work creating innovative science units for our placements this spring. We began class by brainstorming skills that a teacher will need in order to be successful as an educator in the 21st century. It was extensive, unfortunately the photo size exceeds what I am able to upload, perhaps a photo savvy reader might be able to help me resize it!

We spent last class looking at the big ideas of our unit and deciding on what the critical understandings we wanted our students to walk away from the unit were. Big picture stuff. For instance in my unit we are looking at body systems, the nervous system in particular. What I want my students to walk away with is an understanding of systems being made of parts, subsystems, and often integrated into larger systems. There is interplay between these levels, and phenomena can be seen, or unseen depending on the scales we are looking at.

This class we began to focus on the details of the lessons and unit. The actually knowledge students will be required to manipulate during our unit that will assist in the creation of their understandings. All following the backwards planning found in UBD.

Needless to say we were hard at work. Check out some of the planning I was able to get done.

Finally, we were able to wrap up our life saver dissolution experiments. We presented our models of the phenomena and Andrea was able to demonstrate using the sequencing and selecting from 5 Practices. See our models below.

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