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Science Seminar 7/7 and 7/14

Since the First Draft of the Safety Essays had been submitted and read, the Topic of the Day-Safety sense in the classroom is vital because….   here are some of our responses- granted they are the tip of the proverbial iceberg, there are so many compelling reasons for classroom safety!

Classroom Safety is Vital…

The “as you enter” task was to review the camp lesson plan template received in seminar last week and to jot notes, ideas, questions as each section is reviewed; use the ILS Core Curriculum, A Framework for K-12 Sci Ed practices and Cross-cutting themes, NGSS, and Common Core to find appropriate standards and practices for our use in writing camp plans. Before starting a share-a-thon of camp plan findings, we had a quick discussion about reasons for thinking about Classroom Safety.  In the Safety Essays, most folks included “to protect teachers from law suits”.  It was suggested that in the next versions of the Essays, other reasons would also be included. Recognition work:  Spotlight was on Tiarra’s opening and concluding paragraphs: “Science classrooms are typically full of activities, demonstrations, experiments, and even sometimes, field trips.  All of these types of exercises, add to a students’ experience with science, and helps engage them in learning the ideas and practices of the subject.  However, all of these tasks are potentially dangerous, if safety precautions are not taken into consideration…… The safety of a classroom is a key component in a productive learning environment.  Students, as well as teachers, need to be experts in safety techniques and procedures, and need to be able to react quickly and effectively should an emergency situation arise.  Safety should always be a priority, and is, in a classroom that is prepared.” Next, we spent some time looking at Material Safety Data Sheets and symbols, with a reminder to be sure mention of these make it into the final Safety Essay. During group share, we started by adding to our Camp Map… marking the anticipated K-12 Science practices for each day.  Here is what we thought might work:

  • Day 1– (At the Beach- Observe, Explore with tools, question, initial models) Practices 1 and 2-Asking questions defining problems.  Developing and using models.
  • Day 2– (At the Beach- data collection, revision of protocol and model as needed)Practice 3-Planning and carrying out investigations
  • Day 3(At U of R- processing data, begin to plan the final presentation) Practices 4 and 5-Analyzing and interpreting data.  Using mathematics and computational thinking.
  • Day 4(At U of R- making claims, supported with evidence from the data gathered, continue to map out presentation)Practices 6 and 7-Constructing explanations and designing solutions. Engaging in argument from evidence.
  • Day 5(At U of R- finish the final presentations and have a dry-run)Practice 8-Obtaining evaluating and communicating information
  • Day 6(At The Freedom School- final presentation)Practice 8-Obtaining evaluating and communicating information

We talked about Essential Questions, but did not settle on any one version.  Stay tune for more on EQ’s. We finished by doing a quick look at each of the lesson plan sections. We had a quick share out… one important consideration from today’s lesson.  I got so involved in the conversation, I forgot to write them down. ps.  the group asked me to stay for their PD’s.  I am glad that I did!  I learned some new “tricks” during each of the presentations. 7/14- Topic of the Day… ideas for making sure that camp is not too “schooly”…

Energizers, Ice Breakers, and TeamBuilding Ideas

Energizers, Ice Breakers, and TeamBuilding Ideas

Check out some more Ice Breakers:

During the quiet time as you enter activity, everyone spent time:  pouring over the ILS Core Curriculum, pg 21 from the LE Core Curriculum; looking for Big Ideas that would be appropriate for camp plans; looking over the DKP rubric and the article from Saturday’s paper: Reaching for our beach is easy.

During group share, we added to the Camp Map, at the bottom of the square for each day, reminders to include: energizers, ice breakers, team building activities, and Meta Map work.  We then shared some possible Big Ideas aka Key Ideas- (and talked about the code system)…Standard 4 LE KI 7:  Human decisions and activities have a profound impact on the physical and living environment.  Standard 1-Sci Inquiry-KI 1, 2, 3 were also shared.  The general consensus about the LE checklist… most applied.

The discussion moved to goals and objectives… a crash course, with handouts to paste into our journals for each…a list of possible goals for each of the 8 practices; the ABCD method of writing objectives, a word list for writing objectives.  The fast version:  Goals-an overarching statement that guides the decision making.  Objectives-specific measurable steps that can be taken to reach the goal.

While we were taping things into our journals, we also go a Inquiry Learning Cycle, identifying the parts of the cycle that would be accomplished on each different camp day.

I dropped the big news… next week was the last of Summer Science Seminar as the following two Mondays, we would all be very busy with the campers!  (But to reassure everyone, I mentioned that we would continue to work on crafting plans… and I would be available to help.)

ps.  This week, the group asked me to stay for the dry run of the APK’s… again, I am very glad that I did… it was another very valuable use of my time…. I always get energized listening to the ideas folks think up for the various activities requested of them… it is a mark of a good job, when my mind won’t shut off, and I keep thinking about the work done…. their work, inspires me… and I am so happy that it does!

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