Track the Science Cohort Blogs Painlessly – Really!

These instructions are only for Google Reader. If you use gmail, you automatically already have access to google reader. (You can try importing the teacher feeds xml/opml file into other reader programs, but the universe may explode or something.)

Importing the Science Cohort Feeds in one shot:

1. Go to this URL: (clicking it will open ina new tab or new window)

2. right click and do “save file as” to the file there named “google-reader-subscriptions_grs_teachers.xml” (This is a file with JUST the XML feed addresses of the science cohort, painstakingly crafted by me.)

3. Save the file to your desktop.

4. Log-in to your gmail account, then click the link for “Reader” on the top edge of the page.

5. In the bottom left corner there’s a link for “Manage subscriptions” – click it.

6. Now click “Import/Export” in the top row of the orange area onscreen.

7. Click the Browse button, select the xml file on your desktop that you downloaded in step 3, then click Upload.

8. Click “back to google reader” just above the orange area onscreen.

9. You should now have a folder named “Teaching” in your Google Reader feed list, on the left side of the Goodl Reader page. Click any one of your classmates’ blog names to have their most recent posts show up on the right. Names in bold mean that you haven’t read them yet. You can mess with setting to make things become unbolded once you view them or scroll past them. At this point you are on your own.

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1 thought on “Track the Science Cohort Blogs Painlessly – Really!

  1. Hey Chris! Thanks – I hope people use this because I think it might spark more conversation in our blogworld. It’s also useful when participating in conversation all over the blogosphere. I probably get feeds from too many blogs.

    One note, you do not need a gmail account. You just need a Google account which will trigger off any e-mail address. It’s an important distinction because really has time to keep track of more than one e-mail account.

    Two blogs about education which are outside of Warner but which I highly recommend are which is Will Richardson’s blog and from Karl Fisch. For the latter blog, there is something odd happening with bizarre comments which don’t appear to be by the author; I suspect that they will be removed soon but in the meantime scrolldown for an interesting post about changes to the AP exams to narrow the content and deepen the scope with more inclusion of inquiry.



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