The Messy process of analyzing data

As I am writing the final project, I came to realize that there is neither short-cut nor a simple approach to analyze your data. It is indeed a messy process. As you think that I am now on the right track, all of a sudden new ways of thinking emerges and then you start to delve into it. It is time consuming and drains your energy.  Is it me or is that the way it is?

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1 thought on “The Messy process of analyzing data

  1. April, Joe and Michael have said this to me several times now when it comes to writing and analysis. What we write at any given moment is only a snapshot frozen in time of what we are currently thinking. Just as research moves on a trajectory, so does the researcher. I forget who said it best but, when it comes to our papers and to writing in general, we are only providing a moment in time, subject to change. This is only a pause – a breath of space for someone to take a millisecond glimpse of our thoughts and nothing more than this. However, I find that it takes discipline (something I lack right now) to put down the papers, and create from what we have, even though it is necessary.

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