The Great Wind Blows.. Towards Camp!

Wednesday & Friday, July 22nd & 24th, 2015

As our week moved on through Wednesday and Friday, the excitement and thrill of camp loomed large on the horizon.

Wednesday began with a lot of energy. We first filled out, as a group, our expectations for our students on sample inquiry maps, to help better align our thinking with this framework. We then moved into a dry-run of the group opener we we had planned the day before, featuring Teams Earth, Wind, and Water, as well as Captain Planet (Andrea C.), Sailor Moon (Andrea P.), and Mother Earth (JoAnn M.).  We made this exciting skit to provide a more cohesive, unifying theme for the teams at camp as well as to provide a framework for talking about safety and other expectations as a whole.

We then moved into one of the most important parts of this week: more planning for camp. Each team is moving along well, but as ever there is so much more to do!

Following a quick break, we took some time to talk about the merits of a flipped classroom environment. Andrea P. led us in our discussion, having us point out both activities and work that could be flipped to the home environment, as well as aspects that could be flipped from home to school (our Science Stars motivator chart for our group opener can also be seen! =))


Finally, we ended the day Wednesday with an activity that brought the reality of camp much closer to home: packing equipment and materials for camp into bags.  We constructed a “wish list” of things we need for camp, as well as scavenged our room for any materials we though we needed in our lesson plans (and even some we thought we might as well bring!).

IMG_2991 IMG_2990


We rang Friday in with an “As You Enter” activity, filling the board with teaching practices we will (or hope to!) use at camp next week.



After a quick jaunt through our agenda and class business, we took a field trip over to Hutchinson Hall, where we toured the lab spaces we have available for camp week. We considered aspects such as timing, moving between LeChase and Hutchinson, and safety considerations, that may be important in coordinating between our 3 teams.

After our return to LeChase Hall, we moved in to some much needed planning time, where we continued to craft lesson plans and prep materials for camp, including our Science Stars Temperature Board! (featuring Daniel Z. as lead artist!).



Our final moments were spent with each team walking us through a “dry run” of Camp Day 1, while the rest of us considered and looked for these important aspects from Danielson:



With spirits high, we head toward camp week, and wherever the wind (or Earth, go team!) takes us.


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