Technology Use Discussion Points

Notes from the class discussion today based on your second critical commentary:

  • Web 2.0 technologies allow collaboration by involving students in the creation of content
  • Are there issues with Keynote/Powerpoint? How to make them student-centered?
  • Technology specialists should frame the professional development in terms of the teachers subject areas to make them more applicable in practice
  • Collaborative mentoring is key for learning new technologies as an educator
  • Chemistry and physics may present problems for integration of technologies (perhaps collaborate with local universities for outreach regarding use of laboratory technology)
  • There is a distinction between information technology and scientific lab technology. Perhaps write grants to help schools acquire more lab-based instrumentation.
  • Some of the online-open sourced websites can produce an amount of garbage. How can you help students make sense of that? Where does it fit in the curriculum? How does one teach for that?
  • How will you deal with “off-task” students during the use of technology? Is it possible to multi-task? What are the affordances and disadvantages of allowing/denying certain activities.
  • School and classroom culture can determine the technological norms. How will you structure your culture so that you achieve your desired results?
  • Interesting, engaging, well-designed lessons will keep students in the flow, so hopefully the kids won’t even think about being driven to distraction…hopefully.

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