Summary of our Student Teacher Meeting

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Here is a summary of our August 28th meeting with April and Michael about student teaching.  Feel free to add more if I missed something or made a mistake.

For Fall field placement:

  • We will have to teach a series (three consecutive class periods of the same students: ex. Monday, Wednesday, Friday) of 3 lessons (Inquiry, Nature of Science, Community).  This lesson will be taught in November before Thanksgiving and the content must fit within your CT’s curriculum at that time.  One of these lessons will be a Warner Lesson Plan and the other two will be abbreviated lesson plans with a format given to us by April.  See hint under Observations
For First Student teaching:
  • This must be started AFTER December 11th (the last day of classes for Warner).  Other than this requirement, the four weeks must be negotiated with your CT.  Since state testing begins mid-January, ideally you should break up the four weeks into a week and a half before Christmas break and 2 and a half weeks after (or something like that).
For Second student teaching:
  • This will start approximately the first or second week of February for most of us.  (8 weeks total)
Give your CT the following contact information:
  • Yours (phone # and email)
  • Your supervisor (email)
  • Michael (email)
  • April (maybe) (email)
If there are any issues or questions with your placement, talk with the following people in the following order (going down the list as you don’t get answers or helpful advice):
  • your CT
  • your Supervisor
  • Michael
  • April
You should ask your CT for written feedback based on your performance on what you do in the classroom and arrange weekly meetings to discuss your progress (approximately 30 minutes long, nothing major).
Letter of expectations should be written and discussed with you, your CT, and your supervisor in the same room.  This is due September 19th.
Formal observations done by your supervisor:
1 in the Fall experience
2 in the 4 weeks in the Winter/Spring
3 in the 8 weeks in the Spring
Formal observations done by Michael:
1 in the 4 weeks
1 in the 8 weeks
1 Warner Lesson Plan per observation
HINT: Do the observation in the fall experience at the same time as the lesson you have to do the Warner lesson plan for (see above under For Fall Field placement) so you are doing only one Warner lesson plan instead of two.
Observation schedule
  • 2 days before observation date: give the observer (either Supervisor or Michael) your Warner lesson plan to receive feedback
  • 10 minutes before you give the lesson: talk to Supervisor or Michael about what you would like the observer to focus on during their observation (ex. engaging a particular student)
  • After the lesson, you will need 30 – 40 minutes afterwards to debrief with your observer.
Make sure you are on time to Monday’s seminar (maybe include that in your letter of expectation that you will leave with appropriate time to get to campus).
That’s all I wrote down, did I miss anything???

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