Scholars – Let’s brainstorm possible foci for research & practice briefs

Hey Scholars –

Fo your second project, you will be choosing an aspect of practice to think deeply about, research, find related resources and advocate for thoughtful implementation  – especially with respect to the way these considerations relate to social justice.

Let’s use the comments on this blog post to brainstorm possibilities – Here is one option to kick start the conversation:

Room Arrangement – what does it communicate and foster with respect to a learning community? Who has access to the materials and when?  Here are two valuable resources to inspire deeper thinking about the matter:

Another incredibly valuable resource is Jo Ann Morreale, GRS Science Educator in Residence at the Warner School.  You MUST talk with her about her student-centered (somewhat) radical and field-tested procedures!!



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2 thoughts on “Scholars – Let’s brainstorm possible foci for research & practice briefs

  1. Hi April! Thanks for sharing these useful resource. I have been concerned for science lab for a while. And there are two issues I’m interested in. The first one is about the lab safety. I have visited two high school labs in Rochester, they have the lab area and normal class area in the same room. In China, we always have them in the different rooms, or even in the different buildings. Because some materials used in the science lab may be poisonous. And it’s better to keep away from those harmful stuffs when students are not doing lab. In my opinion, it might be helpful to separate those two areas.
    The second one is about how to keep students lab reports and lab results. I don’t have a very clear idea now, but I feel like it might be helpful to take record of some meaningful moments in the lab, such as when students got every beautiful result in the lab, or they did every good job for the lab reports. And every student should have such moment. I think this can be an encouragement for the students, and can develop their interest in science.

  2. Thanks for the thoughtful comment, Tingyu!! We will have a workshop on the topic of safety on 9/28 that I think you will find very interesting and will have much to contribute to!!

    “Meaningful Moments in the Lab” is a great idea – and maybe a strong way to nurture scientific practices and the nature of science. I love your consideration to make sure EVERY student has one that gets celebrated… could even be a reason to make a positive phone call home to the family!!

    Thanks again for your post, April

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